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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety : Far from home (part four)


(part four)

“They either don’t know that or they think that they can get it from him because he’s human,” Nelson said. “That’s crazy too.”

“Why?” Heather asked.

“The Sword of Truth was made for a human,” Nelson said. “It’s had many masters of all kinds from Titans to a variety of Gods. But it is a human sword. It will always abandon a non-human master. It’s likely that a human in Paddie’s bloodline had the sword made. Is Paddie’s family from France?”

“Mostly Ireland,” Heather said.

“But that’s likely it,” Nelson said. “The sword was made for some ancestor of Paddie’s.”

“Katy has found a sword,” Heather said.

“Oh?” Nelson asked.

“She said it was the ‘Vanquisher,’” Heather said.

They heard Mari gasp.

“She’s wrong,” Nelson said. “That’s just not possible. The Vanquisher was destroyed a long time ago.”

“Why?” Jill asked.

Nelson gave a heavy sigh.

“I really have to go,” Nelson said. “Call my father. He can tell you all about the Vanquisher. I just … I …”

“What is it?” Heather asked. She took him off speaker and walked into the main loft. “You’re off speaker.”

Unable to not respond to a direct question from a Goddess, Nelson gave another heavy sigh.

“Dad wants me to take my ‘rightful place’ at the head of the Templars, give up my career to join some bullshit …” Nelson said. “He says that there are too much at stake with all of the new swords. We need to show strength.”

Nelson sighed.

“I just want to do some forensics, help some people, go home to my family at the end of the day,” Nelson said. “But that? It would be …”

“I understand,” Heather said. “Thank you for telling me. I’ll speak with him about this sword and the rest.”

“Wait,” Nelson said. “I didn’t tell you so that you could …”

“I know,” Heather said. “Trust me.”

“One last thing,” Nelson said. “If Katy actually has the Vanquisher, it makes her a very, very dangerous little girl.”

“She was that already,” Heather said.

“Yes,” Nelson said. “Have to run.”

“Call tonight when you can,” Heather said. “I know the boys will want to talk with you.”

“Will do,” Nelson said.

“Love you,” Heather said.

Unused to anyone saying those words out loud, Nelson simply hung up. Heather smiled and went back into the bedroom.

“What do we do?” Jill asked.

“We need to get the kids up and off to school,” Tanesha said. “I need to get to school.”

“Nelson said that we should talk to his father,” Heather said. “Why don’t I call Pierre? I can meet him for lunch.”

“I can too,” Jill said.

“I’ll set it up,” Heather said.

“We leave Katy to deal with this by herself?” Jill asked.

“If she’s in a time loop, she’ll never know we left,” Heather said. “We might just learn something that will help us turn the tide in this war.”

They heard one of Jill’s twins let out a hearty yell.

“Time to go,” Jill said.

She gave one last look at Katy’s bed before jogging to the nursery. Tanesha and Heather hurried off to get their own children off to school.

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