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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-eight: Just silly (part five)


(part five)

“On this planet!” the demon’s voice rose in irritation. “Why are you here on this planet?”

“Good question,” Jacob said. “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

The demon leaned forward and exhaled a stream of fire. Jacob held up his free hand. A shield of energy repelled the fire back at the demon.

“You’re melting the chocolate,” Jacob said, gesturing to a wilting display of chocolate candy.

The demon stared at Jacob for a long moment. The sound of dripping chocolate could be heard over the smooth jazz playing on the store speakers.

“Turn,” Jacob leaned forward, “Off. The. Flame.”

The demon screamed with rage at Jacob.

“Are we having a bar-be-que?” Mike asked from the door of the store.

The demon turned toward Mike. It took a deep breath and blew fire in Mike’s direction.

“Be gone,” Mike said.

Mike waved his hand dismissively and the demon exploded. Bits of demons blew all over the store. Jacob quickly ducked but the bulk of it blew all over a shocked Mike.

“Wha… Wha… Wha…” Mike said.

Grinning at Mike, Jacob dropped the money for the baby wipes on the counter and walked toward the door.

“What just happened?” Mike asked.

“You blew up a demon,” Jacob said.

Mike followed Jacob out of the store.

“But…” Mike said. “You’re sure you didn’t…”

“It wasn’t me,” Jacob said with a shake of her head.

They started walking down the sidewalk. They were almost at the Castle when Mike shook himself from head to toe.

“How?” Mike asked.

“I think you’ve found your Titan skill,” Jacob said. He patted Mike on the shoulder. “You are, after all, the eldest son of the Titan of Destruction. Congratulations. May it serve you well.”

Laughing, Jacob went through the gate leaving Mike on the other side. Jill met Jacob at the door. She took the stack of baby wipes from Jacob. She picked a piece of red shell off Jacob’s shoulder.

“Lobster?” Jill asked.

“Demon,” Jacob said.

“I killed a demon!” Mike said with great pride in his voice.

Jill slapped a package of baby wipes into his arms.

“Val’s waiting for you, demon slayer,” Jill said.

“I,” Mike put his hand on his chest, “killed an actual demon! Blew him apart!”

“Good for you,” Jill said.

“I have to tell Val,” Mike said. “She’ll freak!”

Mike pushed passed them to head through the side door. Jill and Jacob laughed.

“Do you think he knows that he’s covered in red muck?” Jill asked as they head into the Castle.

“I don’t think he cares,” Jacob said.

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