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Chapter Five Hundred and nineteen : Home again, home again (part two)


(part two)

“What’s a good war?” Nelson asked.

“There’s a question,” Jacob said with a nod.

“I’ve never met him,” Blane said. “Ares. I met him today.”

“We’ve met Heather’s father,” Jacob said with a sneer.

Nelson looked at Jacob and then at Blane.

“I take it that didn’t go well,” Nelson said.

Jacob opened his mouth to say something about Eros, the shade he created to curse them, and everything Heather’s father had put them through. Instead, he just shrugged. Nelson nodded.

“Family,” Nelson said. “No matter how great they are, they still suck sometimes.”

“True,” Jacob said.

“So if he’s family, should I …?” Nelson started.

“No,” Jacob and Blane said in near unison.

They laughed. Across the room, Jabari climbed up onto Tanesha’s lap.

“Boundaries,” Blane said. “It’s what keeps everyone happy and makes everything work.”

“Mr. Weeks?” Maggie, Honey’s daughter, came over from where the kids were playing.

“Yes, dear,” Nelson said.

“Can I sleep on your lap for a while?” Maggie asked. “I’m really missing my daddy tonight.”

“Where’s your daddy?” Nelson asked.

“Af-rik-a,” Maggie said.

Nelson leaned down and picked up Maggie. She situated so that her chest was against Nelson. With a sigh, the tiny red-haired girl fell asleep. Overwhelmed, Nelson looked up at the ceiling. Blane put his hand on Nelson’s shoulder.

“What is it?” Blane asked.

“Just great,” Nelson said. He gestured to the child in his lap. “My family kicked me out, a long, long time ago. I thought I’d never …”

Nelson looked at Blane and smiled.

“Thank you,” Nelson said.

“Wait until it’s diaper time,” Jacob said, gesturing to the babies next to him.

“So what?” Nelson asked, with a shrug.

“Good attitude,” Blane said.

Blane and Jacob looked at each other before saying, “Newbie.”

The men laughed. Their laugh brought Rodney over to them. They watched Jeraine pluck Jabari off Tanesha’s lap. Rodney got a chair for his son-in-law and they sat down next to Jacob. Jabari settled in and was soon asleep.

“I wondered if we could talk,” Rodney said to Jacob.

Jacob, Blane, and Nelson turned to look at Rodney. Embarrassed by the sudden attention, Rodney looked down.

“This is Rodney,” Jacob said to Nelson. “He’s Tanesha’s father. He runs a large site for Lipson Construction.”

“That’s the construction company you own,” Nelson said.

“A little less than half,” Jacob said.

“We like to focus on the fact that the employees are slowly buying the company,” Blane said.

Nelson nodded. He held out a hand to Rodney. They shook hands.

“I think you’ve met Jeraine,” Jacob said to Nelson.

“At the Church,” Nelson said of the time they were trying to catch drug dealers.

Jeraine raised a hand in “Hello” to Nelson, and Nelson nodded.

“What’s up?” Jacob asked.

“Tanesha said you own a lot of apartment complexes,” Rodney said.

“A few,” Jacob said, evenly.

“A few?” Blane asked, shaking his head. He looked over at Rodney. “He owns enough to make any man crazy.”

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