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Chapter Five Hundred and nineteen : Home again, home again (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday night — 9:15 p.m.

They had just wrapped up dinner when Sam had arrived home with Ginger and her sons. There was a quick shuffle and, much to the visiting fairies delight, the table filled with food again. As soon as it was determined that the children weren’t going to school tomorrow, the kids and adults stayed up late talking and eating in the now full dining room.

Jill, Aden, and Honey had to be up early, so they were the first to leave for bed. Otherwise, everyone else was still up.

Abi, Asclepius, and Fin were deep in conversation on one end of the table. Ares was talking to Nelson Weeks next to them. Heather, Sandy, Tanesha, and Yvonne were deep in conversation about Jeraine’s new opportunity. Rodney and Jeraine were talking quietly in a corner of the room. Ginger’s boys, Geoff, Gary, and George were taking everything in from their position in a corner of the table. The visiting fairies were happily eating everything in sight. Ginger and Sam were catching up.

Edie had returned in a foul mood. It seemed that the fairy armies were selfish jerks. Knowing what it was like to deal with selfish fairies, Jill sent Edie to her home on the Isle of Man to rest and recover. Edie swore she’d be back in the morning to help with the children. Sandy pressed a tin of cookies into Edie’s arms, Jill called Edie’s boyfriend, and the fairy disappeared.

The older kids were talking and laughing by themselves. Charlie had his arm around Tink while Noelle and Teddy’s heads were pressed together. Valerie’s daughter, Jackie, was sitting on Tink’s lap listening and watching everything that was going on. Nash and Ivy were working through something on his laptop.

Jacob sat apart in a quiet corner of the room. The babies were asleep in the play pen next to where Jacob sat. Katy had been exhausted but hadn’t wanted to miss out. She was sound asleep on his lap. Mack had finally fallen asleep where he was standing. Blane had picked him up and sat down next to Jacob. After a few minutes, Nelson Weeks came to sit next to Blane.

“That guy,” Nelson said.

“Ares?” Jacob asked, raising his eyebrows.

Nelson nodded.

“I can’t tell if he wants to fuck me or eat me,” Nelson said.

“Probably both,” Jacob said.

“Seriously?” He looked at Blane and then Jacob.

“Probably,” Blane said.

“God?” Nelson asked.

“Heather’s grandfather,” Blane said.

“But he’s the God Ares, right?” Nelson asked.

Jacob and Blane nodded. Nelson gave a short shake of his head.

“Is something wrong?” Jacob asked.

“I have this desire to say something like, ‘How many Gods are there?’ but I know there are …”

“Thousands,” Blane said.

“Thousands,” Nelson said. “And they just … show up?”

“Perses is Jill’s father,” Jacob said. “He’s not around a lot but he does stop by.”

“Ares is new,” Blane said. “He held a conference about this fairy war. Heather went to defend the human interests. Every war is run through the committee in Olympia. ‘You can’t have a good war without their approval.’ Or so Heather has said.”

“What’s a good war?” Nelson asked.

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