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Chapter Five Hundred and nine : Rescuing a queen (part six)


(part six)

“Here it comes!” Sam yelled down to Jacob.

The circular saw made its way down to Jacob. A moment later, he had the sling. He nodded for Liban to start her way up to the surface. She touched his arm for a moment before starting up.

Jacob was alone in the vent to the core of the earth. The cool spot inside his core was beginning to warm up. He needed to get out of there. He slung the sling strap over his shoulder and turned on the circular saw. The noise was deafening. Feeling movement, he felt more than saw Mari join him. She put earplugs in his ears and safety glasses over his eyes.

He touched the circular saw to the glasslike outer shell of the child’s pod. The cutting was as surprisingly easy as it was hard. The blade cut through the glass to create a seam. As he got closer to the pod, the blade began to slip. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break through the pod.

Mari pointed to the pod and then the child.

“She’s blocking it,” Mari said.

“You have to allow me inside,” Jacob said to the child.

The child pointed to the seam in the glass and the glass cracked along the seam. Jacob lifted the glass from the pod and deftly stuck the glass into the sling. He held out his arms and the child allowed him to lift her into his arms.

“I need to…” Jacob said.

Mari nodded.

Whether by Mari or the child, Jacob found himself quickly rising through the vent. It took only moments for them to reach the top.

“Ready to meet your sisters?” Jacob asked the child.

“I would very much like that,” the child said.

They reached the top of the structure. Jacob passed the child to his father as Abi helped him out of the vent. Liban managed to grab the sling as Jacob collapsed to the cool cavern floor.

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