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Chapter Five Hundred and nine : Rescuing a queen (part five)


(part five)

“How do you think they will handle it?” Jacob asked.

Liban sighed. She squinted at nothing at all before looking at Jacob.

“This is a big change,” Liban said after a moment. “But we are at a moment of enormous change.”

Not sure what she was talking about, Jacob simply nodded.

“To my mind, it’s better to change because of an addition to their sisterhood than change due to war,” Liban said.

“Abi told me about the war,” Jacob said.

“While you’ve been working in this mine, our world has inched ever closer to war,” Liban said. “Our envoys are waiting for word from their queens whether they should begin the battle.”

“That’s close,” Jacob said.

“Closer than we’ve been in a very, very long time,” Liban said.

“Maybe I should not have put Queen Fand back together,” Jacob said.

“Don’t say that,” Liban said. “Putting her back together has created a spring in the fairy world. We are more joyous than we’ve been in centuries. The queen and others have given birth to new offspring. This is true for the other realms as well.”

“Then why go to war?” Jacob asked.

“You should know by now, Jacob, that the happier, wealthier, more successful we are the more we want to destroy it all,” Liban said.

“I thought that was just humans,” Jacob said.

“It’s a trait we share,” Liban said with an absent minded nod.

Liban looked up.

“She’s coming down,” Liban said. “You’ll be all right here with just Mari’s help?”

“I should be fine,” Jacob said.

“You’re going to …” Liban started.

“Do as you suggested,” Jacob said with a grin. Liban blushed. “I will open the pod with the circular saw. I will give the child to Mari and carry the glass to the top. While there is a fairy reunion, I will work on the glass to make sure I can put the child back if she needs to live there, as she has insisted.”

“Thank you,” the muffled voice of the child came through the glass. “I appreciate you taking care of my home.”

“You are allowed to have the home that suits you,” Jacob said.

“Yes,” the child said. “Your ancestor said the very same thing. Thank you.”

Liban touched Jacob’s arm. In her child size, she climbed over Jacob to her harness. As Mari came down, Liban went up. As Jacob watched, the fairies squished by each other. It was such a weird and wonderful sight that he wished Katy had been there to see it.

Thoughts of Katy made him miss Jill. He sighed.

It will be really great to get out of this mine,” he thought.

He looked down to see the white skinned fairy queen smiling at him.

“Thank you for your assistance,” the child said.

Jacob nodded.

“Here it comes!” Sam yelled down to Jacob.

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