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Chapter Five Hundred and fourteen : Awkward (part three)


(part three)

Jill hit her head hard on the refrigerator. Jacob just managed to catch her before she face planted into a Tupperware full of moldy something or another.

Holding her in his arms, Jacob looked up and scowled at the trickster cherubim. He thought he could hear them laughing at him.

For the first time in a very long time, the spirit of his mother appeared in front of him.

“Mom,” Jacob said.

“Look at you!” Celia said.

Jacob looked down. To his chagrin, he was completely naked, rigid, and bent over Jill’s unconscious form.

“Very funny,” he said.

He easily lifted Jill out of the refrigerator. He took a step and his muscle strength slipped. He almost fell before he was able to get his balance again.

“Slowly,” Celia said. “It’s a whole new body.”

Jacob set Jill on the couch before looking at his mother.

“What whole new body?” Jacob asked.

“You were rebuilt from scratch,” Celia said. “You don’t remember?”

“I guess I don’t believe it,” Jacob said. “I remember the heat, pain … lots of pain.”

Jacob shrugged.

“I would have given anything for a new body,” Celia said with a sad smile.

“I would have given anything for you to have a new body,” Jacob said. “I was very lucky.”

“You saved the world, son,” Celia said.

“I just did whatever was next.” Jacob lifted a shoulder in a shrug.

Celia smiled at her son.

“She’s coming around,” Celia said.

He felt a soft touch on his cheek.

“I’m glad for you, dear boy,” Celia said. “I love you.”

Seeing that Jill’s eyes were fluttering open, he smiled at his mother and waved for her to disappear. Smiling, she did as he asked.

“Jacob?” Jill asked. Her hand went to her head as she tried to sit up. “What?”

She looked him up and down. She scowled at his erection.

“I’m not sure it will ever go down,” Jacob said.

“Well,” Jill said with a sigh. “There are worse things.”

Jacob laughed, and she laughed at his laugh.

“Dad said you’d have a whole new body,” Jill said.

“Want to try it out?” he suggested.

Jill nodded. Her nod made her head hurt. She grimaced. He put his hand on her head. The head from his hand fill her body with warmth. She gave him a suggestive smile.

He flipped on the gas fireplace before carefully lifting her robe. His body might feel like a teenager, but inside, the part that mattered, he knew how to make love to his wife. He slipped his hands along her naked shoulders. Her pajama top strained against the top button. She flipped the button and the top slipped to the couch.

“Every time you touch me, I feel …” Jill swallowed, “ … heat.”

“No idea,” Jacob said.

“Touch me,” she whispered.

So he did. He touched every piece of her soft, pliable flesh until the moment they joined. His passion rushed forward in an instant.

She laughed.

“At least we know it’s not a permanent fixture of the new model,” Jill said.

“Sorry,” he said.

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