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Chapter Five Hundred and fourteen : Awkward (part six)


(part six)

“Who are you?” Jill asked.

“He’s Asclepius,” Jacob said in a hoarse voice. “My doctor.”

Jill got up and slapped him across the face. Asclepius laughed.

“You are wonderful, Jillian,” Asclepius said. Still managing to hold the twins, he knelt to her. “I am at your service.”

Jill scowled at him.

Asclepius looked at Jacob.

“She’s even better than you said,” Asclepius said to Jacob.

Jacob laughed.

“What just happened!?” Jill screamed. Her voice dropped to a soft, harsh whisper. “I am not some stupid woman in awe of the Greek God.”

“Now, Jill,” Perses said.

“No,” Asclepius said. “She’s right. She deserves to know.”

Jill collapsed back to the couch.

“Jacob went down into a very hot place,” Asclepius said. “It dried out his tissues. His physical body fell to ash. The creature you call ‘Abi’ was able to get him to me before his spirit returned to the veil.”

Jill nodded. Perses had told her something like that.

“The cherubim have recreated him,” Asclepius said. “It’s a very painful process.”

“Cherubim?” Jill asked. “I could hear something …”

“You could hear them?” Asclepius asked. “That’s rare for a human, but then you are half Titan.”

Asclepius shrugged.

“The cherubim usually make infants,” Asclepius said. “Infants don’t feel anything until they are much older. Your Jacob went through it all with his consciousness intact. That is no small thing. He has survived an enormous physical and mental challenge. He is mostly whole.”

“And the digestion?” Perses asked.

“We forgot,” Asclepius said. “In infants, the intestines grow. Jacob is an adult so needs an adult intestines and kidneys. He had the structures. They just weren’t moving.”

“Why did he scream?” Jill asked.

“It’s very painful,” Asclepius said with a nod. “But he’s through it now.”

“And that’s it?” Perses demanded.

“We hope so,” Asclepius said.

“But possibly not?” Perses’s voice rose in threat.

“We did our best,” Asclepius said. “The rest we’ll have to see. We cannot guarantee that there won’t be other issues. We can promise to be here to help when necessary.”

“Thank you,” Jacob said.

“That’s all you can do,” Jill said with a nod.

Perses scowled.

“There were some people getting ready for breakfast when I came up,” Asclepius said. “They asked for you to come down. I think they’d love to see you, Jacob. Probably want to thank your brilliant doctor.”

Jacob laughed at Asclepius, and the God grinned. Jill looked at Jacob, and he nodded.

Jill took Bladen from Asclepius. She kissed her baby and he squirmed to be let down. His brother squirmed in Asclepius’s arms. He set Tanner down. The boys ran to the door. They opened the knob with their psychokinetic abilities and toddled down the stairs in no time flat.

“Bladen? Tanner? What are you doing here?” Honey’s voice came back to the loft.

Asclepius laughed. Katy hopped up and went to her room.

“I’ll get them,” Perses said to Jill and Jacob. “Get dress. I’ll meet you downstairs.”

Asclepius helped Jacob up from the ground. Perses slapped Asclepius on the back. The Titan and the God left the loft.

Jacob grinned at Jill.

“Sorry?” Jacob asked.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Jill said.

She got up from the couch and kissed him. He held her tight. Jill pressed her head against his chest and listened to his new heart beat.

“I should put some clothing on,” Jacob said.

“Welcome home?” Jill asked.

Jill laughed. They went into their bedroom to get dressed.

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