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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-two : Their prize (part two)


(part two)

“What are you going to do?” Tres asked.

Blane looked at him again.

“No, pressure man,” Tres said, with a laugh.

Blane took a step forward. Holding the sword by the handle, he pointed the sword at the man he’d taken the sword.

“This is a day of reckoning,” Blane said. “Behind me stand humans able and willing to fight you hand to hand.”

Blane pointed to the people behind him.

The head of the Templars pointed behind Blane at Hedone and Ares.

“They cannot be involved,” the head of the Templars said.

“No, but I can,” Perses appeared right behind the heads of the Templars.

Perses swung his sword indicating that it would be nothing to take their heads. The elderly men stepped away from the Titan and ran into the protective shield.

Blane took a step forward.

“On your command.” Perses winked at Blane from the other side of the protective shield.

“There is also an army, a human army, less than a mile from here,” Blane said. “They come to protect their people. They come to stand up to the invaders — you.”

“You can’t have him!” Tres said.

Blane looked at Tres.

“Sorry, man,” Tres said. “It just came out of me.”

Blane gave him a nod before turning back. He pointed the sword at the Templars again.

“You have a choice,” Blane said. “Attack us and die. For sure as I’m standing here, you will die here.”

“He lies!” the head of the Templars said.

The Templars roared with life.

“The old ways have faded like leaves on a very old tree,” Blane said. “You can set down your weapons and join us. Bring your God given mission into the present and future. Or cling to archaic ideas of your own superiority and watch it fall away before your eyes.”

“We only want the boy,” the head of the Templars said.

“At the cost of everyone here,” Blane said. “That is indefensible. You will not get him.”

Rage coursed through Blane and he felt a sense of power rise inside him.

“You killed his mother,” Blane said. He pointed the sword at the head of the Templars. “You tried to kill his father and him! They barely survived!”

Blane gasped a few breathes to keep his rage in check.

“You’ve lost the right to him,” Blane said. He stuck the sword into the ground. “We lay claim to him.”

“Yay!” Tres said. “He’s ours!”

Tres mimicked Blane’s actions with the baseball bat. The baseball bat fell over. Tres picked it up and leaned it against the sword. Blane looked down to keep from laughing.

“You have a choice — come at us and you will die,” Blane said. “Set down your weapons, come inside. We will greet you like the family that you are. We’ll give you a little time to make this decision. Don’t wait too long or the Navajo warriors will be upon you soon enough.”

Blane turned around and started walking back to the hotel. Tres jogged to catch up. They went through the door and the rest of the group shuffled inside.

Delphie hugged Blane and kissed his cheek.

“What happens now?” Tres asked.

“Now, we wait,” Abi said.

“And hope that they make the right choice,” Hedone said.

“You sure I can’t just kill them and be done with it?” Perses asked. “Easier.”

Dad!” Candy said with a shake of her head. “No!”

Everyone laughed.

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