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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-two : Their prize (part three)


(part three)

Monday early morning — 4:00 a.m.

Kayenta, Arizona, at the hotel on the Navajo Reservation

There was a knock at the door of Tink and Charlie’s room. Charlie was holding Wyn so Tink got up to answer it.

She opened the door a crack.

A woman, about Tink’s size, was standing outside the room. The woman wore a blue, green, and aqua cape made out of what looked like parrot feathers. The cape covered a gown that rivaled any Tink had ever seen.

“Hello?” Tink asked.

“My father asked me to come to help protect you,” the woman said.

“Who are you?” Tink asked.

The woman looked at Tink and blinked.

“You smell of Olympia,” the woman said.

“So?” Tink asked.

She started to close the door, and the woman stopped her.

“I apologize,” the woman said. “I was taken off guard by …”

“What?” Tink asked.

“We could be twins,” the woman said.

“I’m human,” Tink said. “You’re something, I’m not sure. You feel like Perses, but you don’t look like Mike or Jill or …”

The door wrenched open, and Edie stepped out. Still wearing her armor, she stepped through the door to assess the threat. Edie took one look at the woman and dropped to a knee. She grabbed Tink’s hand, but Tink shook her off.

The woman grinned at Tink.

“Hecate,” Edie said. “To what do we owe this honor.”

“My father asked me to help watch over the children,” Hecate said. “He has had many dealing with these Templars. They are not the most straight forward of folk. The fairies have an accord to not get involved as does Olympia. There is no such agreement with Titans. He thought the children could use some serious fire power. Plus …”

Hecate shrugged.

“I heard Hedone was here,” Hecate said.

“She’s my mom,” Tink said.

Hecate squinted at the girl.

“Not by birth,” Hecate said.

“Well, duh,” Tink said.

“She is my best friend,” Hecate said. “Father said my siblings are here as well. I have only met them once when they were infants.”

“Your father is …” Tink said, in an irritated voice.

“Lord Perses,” Edie said.

“You’re Jill’s sister?” Tink asked. “Candy? Mike?”

“Different mothers,” Hecate nodded. “Oh, do get up, Edith. We need to talk about the fairy Queendoms.”

“As you wish,” Edie said and stood.

“She can’t go in there wearing that!” Tink said.

Hecate grinned at the girl.

“If you’re a friend of my mom’s then I need to help you the best I can,” Tink said. “Can you change what you wear?”

“It’s not a Titan gift,” Hecate said. “We cannot make something out of nothing.”

“Edie?” Tink asked.

“What would you like her to wear?” Edie asked.

“Just give her something of mine,” Tink said. “You know, jeans, shirt, bra … maybe add that blue and green to her hair?”

Hecate transformed into an outfit similar to Tink’s. There was a swipe of blue and green running through one side of the Titans dark curly hair. Tink gawked at Hecate. She looked enough like Tink to be her mother. Hecate grinned at the girl.

“We need to get out of the hallway,” Edie said.

Tink shifted back.

Had Heather known that Tink looked like her friend? Is that why they’d adopted her? What would Mack say? Was this woman her real mother?

It had never occurred to her that the woman who’d raised her had not given birth to her. She tried to remember if her mother had been pregnant with Chet. She shook her head to bring her back to the present.

Hecate moved into the room. She checked the window and the door before sitting down in a chair Edie had cleared of sleeping babies. Hecate took the babies into her lap.

Tink couldn’t take her eyes of this Hecate. She was about to say something when Mack came up to her. She picked up the boy. Finding a place near where Noelle was lying on the bed, she sat down with Mack.

They waited.

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