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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-two : Their prize (part five)


(part five)

“To me!” the head of the Templars yelled. “Come to me!”

The men surrounding the hotel ran as fast as their heavy antiquated armor would allow. The younger men jogged easily to the head of the Templars while it took the older members a few minutes.

“What say you?” the head of the Templars asked.

“Fight to the death!” Pierre’s father yelled.

His words were met with a roar of approval, especially from the younger members of their party.

“We must …” the head of the Templars started. At the sound of a police siren, he yelled, “Retreat! Retreat!”

The fifty members of the Templars ran away from the hotel. They passed two or three buildings before turning into the vacant garage where they had gotten dressed.

“We will fight another day!” the head of the Templars said as he opened the door.

The door swung open and the first of the Templars ran inside. They were just inside when Gando Peaches arrived with his team of ex-military on horseback. One of his men flagged down the Bureau of Land Management police cruiser and the two cars from the Navajo Nation Police. The police were just getting out of their vehicles when four FBI vehicles came squealing into the parking lot around the garage.

The police closed off the road. Gando and his team guarded the door until they were replaced with police officers. Gando and his team dismounted from their horses and let the animals away from danger. Once the horses were secured, they returned to join the police on their line.

“You inside!” the FBI yelled on a bullhorn. “You are surrounded! Come out with your hands up!”

There was no response from inside. The police settled in for what was likely to be a long morning.


“What’s going on in there?” Pierre asked.

Mari looked at him. Her large eyes opened and closed in some imitation of a blink.

“Do you know?” Pierre asked. “Can you show me?”

“You are sure?” Mari asked.

Pierre nodded. She looked at Nelson and he nodded.

The scene on the screen changed. They were inside a darkened room. There was an odd sound, almost a ticking but …

“They’re dead,” Nelson said.

Pierre looked at him.

“That’s the sound blood makes when it hits concrete,” Nelson said.

The men looked at Mari.

“How?” Nelson asked.

“I do not know,” Mari said. “That sounds like a lie but it is not.”

“Show me,” Pierre commanded. “I want to see this room.”

Sighing, Mari snapped her fingers. The lights turned on inside the garage.

The men visibly recoiled from the sight.

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