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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-three : Enter the police (part three)


(part three)

The agent looked irritated. But once started, Blane continued.

“You want me to be ashamed of having a rough start in life. Of having to prostitute myself. Of being a drug addict. Of being poor and homeless. I am not,” Blane said. “Of being taken in by the Lipsons. Of being married to a woman. You know why I am not ashamed?”

He glared at Agent Rodriguez and continued.

“Because my wife, Heather,” Blane said. “That’s why. She’s taught me that all of these little tiny experiences don’t mean anything. That the only thing that matters is how well we love each other.”

Agent Rodriguez looked at Blane. His eyes flicked to Detective Nez. The Navajo police officer seemed to be cheering Blane on.

Blane stood up.

“If you’d like to ask me about what happened earlier this week, I will be at our hotel for an hour,” Blane said. “Jake is likely to need me out on the site. I will be with him until we finish for the day.”

He started toward the door.

“Acupuncture,” the agent said.

Blane turned to look at her.

“You didn’t mention acupuncture as something to be ashamed of,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“Why would anyone be ashamed of being an acupuncturist?” Blane asked. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The agent sat there looking at him.

“So you’ve given acupuncture to all of these people,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“I have been called to a variety of places around the world to perform acupuncture for my clients,” Blane said. “While I am there, I have worked on other people. When they come through town, they stop in for a treatment and to talk about their options.”

“Why is that?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“They seem to think that I am good at it,” Blane said. “More than that, they believe that I listen to them and understand their problems. That I care. They believe that I care.”

“And do you?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“I can tell you that you favor your left arm because you have a torn rotator cuff in your right arm,” Blane said. “When you injured your right shoulder, you injured your ribs as well.”

Agent Rodriguez didn’t respond.

“Sliding into second base?” Blane asked.

Agent Rodriguez blushed.

“You can get surgery but until you heal these other injuries, you are at risk of another tear,” Blane said. He gestured to the door. “Now, can I go?”

“Why you?” Agent Rodriguez asked. “Why do they call you to perform acupuncture? Surely there are acupuncturists all over the world.”

“I was in acupuncture school when an old friend of mine’s sister, someone I knew by sight but hadn’t spent any time with, was injured,” Blane said. “Her husband and brother, my friend, were desperate to help her. Jake had done some remodeling work for a couple of their houses.”

“Jake is your cousin,” Detective Nez said.

“Right,” Blane said. “I was just learning. She needed help. I was able to support her healing and learn at the same time. You could say that we did it together. I sought teachers to help me to help her. They are not without resource so they sought teachers for me. She needed real help. Together, we were able to help her get better. That has become my specialty.”

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