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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-three : Enter the police (part six)


(part six)

Thursday morning — 10:01 a.m.

Navajo Nation Police Medical Examiner


Distracted, Pierre Semaines slipped into speaking French. When the attendant didn’t respond, Pierre looked up.

“What?” the medical examiner asked.

The medical examiner was about Pierre’s size. His skin was the beautiful kind of brown that Hollywood starlets worked hard to maintain. His eyes were intelligent. The wall of the office they were sitting in was lined with degrees from prestigious Universities.

Somehow, this man had taken an immediate dislike to Pierre. Of course, it didn’t help that Pierre had immediately forgotten the man’s name. He silently wished that he’d taken Sam Lipson up on his offer to go with him.

“Yes,” Pierre said. “I am able to take all of the remains.”

“These folks are a part of some club …” The medical examiner looked at his clipboard. He looked back at Pierre. “You sure you can take all of them?”

“I have received permission from the families as well as the Templars,” Pierre said.

Pierre pressed across the desk the official form releasing the remains for the families as well as the notice from the Templars that they would like Pierre to pick them up.

“My father is …” Pierre nodded his head to the area behind the attendant. “My wife’s father …”

“I see,” the medical examiner said.

The medical examiner’s intelligent eyes scanned Pierre.

“You seem …” the medical examiner raised his eyebrows, “complètement paniqué.”

Pierre chuckled at the medical examiner saying that he was freaked out.

“My father and I have been estranged,” Pierre said. “I …”

The medical examiner’s eyes watched Pierre intently. Pierre blew out a breath.

“I have been very angry with him,” Pierre said. “Very angry. I have debated with myself for years — will I go to his funeral? Will I not? Every time my sister calls I think, ‘Is he finally dead? Has it finally happened?’ But, of course, the next time comes around and it’s a big fucking mess that involves his desire to murder my only son.”

Pierre gave the medical examiner a hopeless shake of his head. The medical examiner nodded.

“The Templars still exist?” the medical examiner asked.

“Unfortunately,” Pierre said.

“You need help with this?” the medical examiner asked.

Much to his surprise, Pierre’s eyes welled up at this stranger’s offer for help.

“Probably,” Pierre said. “My son’s friends are here digging some water wells.”

“They’re digging a well at my mother’s house today,” the medical examiner said. “Is that a bribe?”

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