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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-three : Enter the police (part one)


(part one)

3 days later

Thursday morning — 10:01 a.m.

Navajo Nation Police station

“No, sir,” Blane said.

He was sitting in an interview room, across from Detective Benjie Nez of the Navajo Nation Police officer. He’d been called into for questioning in the deaths of the Templars.

“We have to wait for the FBI,” Detective Nez said.

“Why is that?” Blane asked.

“The FBI has jurisdiction over the reservation,” Detective Nez said. “Sometimes we get guys who want to run the whole show. Agent Rodriguez likes to work in conjunction with the Navajo Nation Police.”

Detective Nez grinned.

“We like that too,” Detective Nez said.

“I bet,” Blane said.

Detective Nez seemed to be trying to keep Blane calm. Blane hated small spaces. This entire situation was uncomfortable and more than a little scary.

“So we wait for the FBI,” Detective Nez said with a smile.

The door to the room opened and a woman wearing a dark blue suit entered the room. Blane hopped to his feet. She held out her hand.

“Agent Rodriguez,” she said.

“Blane Lipson,” he said, shaking her hand.

“I apologize for the delay,” she said sitting down next to Detective Nez. She set a file on the table. “This morning, I have received seven phone calls from seven different high ranking individuals.”

She looked at him for a moment. Her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller identification and then back at Blane.

“Eight individuals,” Agent Rodriguez said. “Any idea why they would call me?”

“How would I possible know something like that?” Blane asked.

“They were calling in support of you,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“Okay,” Blane said.

“You don’t seem surprised,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“How am I to know who usually calls you or how many calls you usually get?” Blane asked. “Is eight calls a lot?”

Agent Rodriguez looked at Blane for a long moment.

“You did not ask your friends to call me?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“I only just met you,” Blane said. “How could I ask anyone to call you when I’ve never met you?”

Clearly not impressed, the FBI agent tipped her head to the side and watched Blane. He responded by shrugging.

“How do you know so many high ranking people in the military or intelligence?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“I …” Blane sighed. He looked at her for a long moment before clearing his throat. “You must know that I cannot tell you that.”

“Why is that?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“I can’t tell if you’re actually curious or whether you just want to mess with me,” Blane said. “And I’m not sure what any of this has to do with what happened to my partner’s grandfathers.”

Agent Rodriguez gave Blane a hard look. She was silent for so long that Detective Nez shifted uncomfortably. After a moment, Blane shrugged again.

They sat in silence for what seemed like a long time. Agent Rodriguez took a breath and flipped open a file.

“You are a complicated person,” Agent Rodriguez said.

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