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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-three : Enter the police (part four)


(part four)

Blane shrugged.

“I can tell you that you will likely need surgery to repair that shoulder,” Blane said. “Acupuncture can support your healing as well as support healing your entire side.”

Agent Rodriguez didn’t move.

“Now, if you don’t …” Blane put his hand on the door knob.

“We have some questions about Monday,” Detective Nez said. “Would you mind sitting down again?”

Blane went around the table to sit down.

“We have heard from several witnesses that these men were looking for someone,” Detective Nez said.

“Dr. Nelson Weeks,” Blane said.

“His father is a patient of yours?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“He and his father were in a train explosion when he was an infant. It’s famously attributed to Carlos the Jackal,” Blane said. “You can look it up with ‘train explosion Carlos the Jackal.’ Nelson’s father managed to survived but has lived with grave injury.”

“Has?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

Blane sighed.

“He is in the process of replacing the joints that were injured,” Blane said. “He had his fourth joint replaced last week.”

“And he has to do with you because …” Agent Rodriguez said.

“Nelson’s father has been a patient of mine for almost as long as I’ve been in practice,” Blane said. “I was unaware that they were related because they have different names and they’ve been estranged. Nelson’s father got to me because he is a friend of Seth O’Malley who is friends with …”

Blane stopped talking when Detective Nez made a gesture with his hand. Clearly, everyone in the world knew who Seth O’Malley was and the kind of influence he exerted.

“Why did you go out to speak with them?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“It was my task to do,” Blane said.

“I don’t know what that means,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“I don’t either,” Blane said. “That’s doesn’t make the words untrue. I went out because Nelson and I are close. Because I would not let them disturb my family or him.”

“Was this Dr. Weeks there?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“No,” Blane said. “He left before they arrived.”

“I see,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“Why did he leave?” Detective Nez asked. “By all accounts, he was having a nice time there.”

“He is involved in a Federal Trial,” Blane said. “He was recalled to Denver because they were talking about a plea agreement.”

Blane shrugged.

“It’s been on the news,” Blane said with a shrug. “Your computer might be helpful again here.”

“We are aware of the trial,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“You’ve been in touch with Dr. Weeks?” Detective Nez asked.

“We have video chatted a few times,” Blane said.

“And this guy,” Agent Rodriguez said. “This Tres Sierra?”

“What about him?” Blane asked.

“He is your wife’s lover?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

“You’ve really spent a lot of time thinking about our sexual relationships,” Blane said, mildly.

“It just all seems a little …” Agent Rodriguez looked Blane in the eye. “Hedonic.”

Blane burst out laughing. When he realized that the Agent wasn’t making a joke, he quickly stifled his laugh.

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