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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-seven : Vacation over (part six)


(part six)

“Forced to by our fathers,” the casino owner said. “Say, you wouldn’t happen to be Jeraine Wilson, would you?”

“Sir,” Jeraine said.

Jeraine held out his hand, and the casino owner shook his hand. He looked at Hecate and shook his head.

“Surely, you’re not Miss T,” the casino owner said.

“Miss T started her second year in medical school today,” Jeraine said. “This is my friend Hecate.”

“Like the witch?” the casino owner asked holding out his hand for her to shake.

“My mother had a great sense of irony,” Hecate said.

The casino owner grinned at her. He turned to Jammy.

“I was just heading to lunch,” the casino owner said. “Would you like to join me? Or is there something you need?”

“We’ve run into a snag with Jeraine’s residency at …” Jammy stopped talking when the casino owner grinned. “What?”

“I told Helen,” he looked at Jeraine and Hecate, “my wife. I was telling her last night that I wished we had a chance to book the residency with Jeraine.”

Grinning, he looked at Jeraine.

“I may have jinxed your deal,” the casino owner said.

“You did not,” Hecate said. “Racism did that.”

“Of course it did,” the casino owner said. “Bastard.”

For his hard word, the casino owner looked positively thrilled. He turned to the receptionist.

“Can you call my secretary?” the casino owner asked. “Cancel the rest of my day.”

“Yes, sir,” the receptionist said.

“Come on,” the casino owner asked. “Let’s look go through the casino. Figure out where you’ll set up shop.”

“We haven’t worked out the details,” Jammy said.

“Schmidty!” The casino owner patted Jammy’s back. “Details, details. It’s always about the details.”

“It is always about the details,” Jammy said.

“We’ll work it out,” the casino owner said. “I really want this, so I’m willing to do what it takes to make it happen.”

Hecate grinned. Jeraine shook his head.

“I’m not agreeing to anything,” Jeraine stumbled. “Miss T would kill me if I agreed before we talked it through.”

“Fair enough,” the casino owner said. “Let’s find a spot in this casino for your show. We’ll take pictures and you can talk to her about it. How long can you commit? A year? Let’s see. If Miss T is starting her second year, she’s got 3 more years of medical school. Would you commit that?”

“I’d have to talk to Miss T,” Jeraine said. “I know how it sounds, but I have fucked up my relationship a thousand times. I won’t do it again. Not for you or any opportunity. She is my world. I won’t live without her. And she wants to be involved in these decisions.”

“Good man,” the casino owner said. “That answers the question I had.”

The casino owner looked at Jeraine and then at Jammy. They were so surprised that they didn’t know what to do.

“I would love to see this casino,” Hecate said. “Find the best spot for Jeraine’s show.”

The casino owner held out his elbow and Hecate hooked hers with his. The casino owner turned to Jeraine.

“Any chance we could get your dad to play?” the casino owner asked.

“O’Malley has already agreed to showcase the music he’s been working on for the movies,” Jammy said. “We’ve received verbal agreements from most of the African-American pop, R&B, and rock stars. Everyone wants to come and play with Jeraine, but only if we can make it worth our time. Bumpy will play with O’Malley.”

The casino owner laughed.

“Why do you laugh?” Hecate asked.

“My dad’s going to be so happy,” the casino owner said. “We’re going to sell out every day.”

“Every ticket. Every day,” Hecate said. She glanced at Jeraine. “Of course.”

“Lead on,” Jammy said.

The casino owner started showing them through the casino.

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