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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-one : Human (part six)


(part six)

Blane went through the door to their room. He didn’t go very far before he picked up Aden and Jacob. Neither man said anything. They just started walking by his side. Dressed in her warrior wear, Abi joined them when they turned the corner. Decked out in armor, Gilfand walked behind them. When they reached the lobby, Blane stopped walking.

The lobby was full of people.

Sam came up and shook Blane’s hand. Delphie grinned at him from a seat at the couch. He heard a whistle and turned to see Alex Hargreaves, her husband, John Drayson, and her brother, Colin, walking down the hallway.

Alex pointed at him with her microbow.

“Before you ask,” she said. “We’re human.”

“I’m human,” Sandy jumped to her feet. “I’m not going to let those bastards kill my family and friends.”

“Fuck that,” Tanesha said at her side.

“I thought …” Blane started.

My grandfather hasn’t made any contracts with Templars,” Tanesha said with a sniff.

“The archangels don’t ever make covenants with humans,” Abi said in a low voice. “They find the practice to be ridiculous.”

“Dare I ask why?” Jacob asked.

“‘We made no covenants with the beasts or the dinosaurs,’” Abi said mimicking someone’s voice. “Why would we make them with these creatures?”

Aden snorted a laugh. Blane grinned.

“Plus, Heather can’t be here,” Jill said. With a flick of her wrist, she opened a retractable telescopic baton. “We’re here to stand in her place.”

“You are not human,” Blane said.

“If those bastards think they will come for our families …” Mike’s voice came from down the hallway. Valerie was by his side. “They have another thing coming.”

He nodded to Sam and said, “Sorry, we’re late. We had to get the kids to Charlie.”

Perses appeared next to Mike.

“I am a Titan,” Perses said. “Their mother is human. We are not of Olympus. We have made no agreement with these… creatures.”

Overwhelmed, Blane could only nod. Valerie put her hand on Blane’s arm.

“Abi says it has to be you,” Valerie said. “We’re here to support you.”

“And to kick ass,” Alex Hargreaves said.

Valerie kissed Blane’s cheek and went to stand next to Jill. Blane looked from face to face.

“What is your plan?” Alex asked when he got to her.

“I was just going to go out there,” Blane said. “I … well …”

“Here’s what we know,” Alex said. “There are fifty men coming toward the hotel. They are armed with archaic weapons. It seems that a few have picked up some form of gun, but they have limited ammunition. It’s also likely that they are inexperienced with their weapons.”

“How do you have this intel?” Blane asked.

Abi looked at Alex and nodded.

“Ganny’s on horseback with twenty ex-military,” Alex said. “They’ve been tracking this party since it came onto the reservation. The reservation police are on their way.”

Blane nodded.

“Abi tells me that you can do this,” Alex said. “We are also here to support you. Be assured. We will not let them hurt you or anyone at this hotel.”

Blane’s eyes flicked to Alex’s husband, John. His eyes gleamed with an eerie glow. John gave Blane an assuring nod.

“Thanks,” Blane said.

He looked out the window and saw the men approach.

“Looks like they are here,” Blane said.

He nodded to his friends and family. With a snap of his fingers, he created the force field around the hotel.

“Show time,” he said to himself and stepped out of the door.

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