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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-one : Human (part five)


(part five)

Monday early morning — 3:30 a.m.

Kayenta, Arizona, at the hotel on the Navajo Reservation

Hedone touched Blane’s shoulder.

“It’s time,” Hedone said, softly.

Blane got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

“I do not feel ready,” Blane said when he came out of the bathroom.

She kissed his cheek. He started to dress.

“You can do this,” Hedone said.

“There’s so much on the line,” Blane said.

“Of course,” Hedone said.

“Is Jake awake?” Blane asked.

“He will be waiting for you in the lobby,” Hedone said. “Aden too. Even Sam. Of course, Delphie. Edie. My grandfather and I will be there.”

“Abi?” Blane asked.

“Of course,” Hedone said. “Gilfand too.”

“Quite a crowd,” Blane said.

“This is your fight,” Hedone said. “They cannot intervene unless the Templars get past you.”

“I’m more than a little intimidated,” Blane said.

“Don’t be,” Hedone said. “You should know that Abi is well known for breaking her promises.”

“Good to know,” Blane said. “What will happen to her if she breaks her promise?”

“This is her world,” Hedone said. “She can do what she likes. She has a particular distaste for injustice. ”

“This is her world and we’re just living in it?” Blane asked.

“Exactly,” Hedone said.

They heard Nelson call Blane’s name. He opened his mouth to respond but Hedone shook her head.

“Where will he go?” Blane asked.

“Edie will take him home,” Hedone said. “He is safe there.”

Blane nodded.

“It’s nice that you’re allowing yourself to care,” Hedone said.

Blane looked at her for a long moment and nodded.

“Surprises me,” Blane said.

“Not me,” Hedone said.

“He is such a sweet man,” Blane said.

“Sexy, brilliant, kind, honest,” Hedone said. She looked at him and asked what she wouldn’t when she was Heather. “And in bed?”

“Good,” Blane said. “We are compatible in all kinds of ways. And he … Well, he seems to think I am … adequate, as well.”

“Surely more than adequate,” Hedone teased.

“Hmm,” Blane said with a scowl.

Hedone nudged him, and he grinned. He finished dressing in silence.

“How?” Blane asked.

“How what?” Hedone asked.

“How did they find him?” Blane asked.

“Those girls? The mean girls that Candy’s daughter Kimber is upset about?” Hedone asked. “The ones that Noelle is steering clear of?”

Blane grunted.

“They posted his photo on Instagram,” Hedone said. “The Templars were on a plane within the hour.”

“With their swords? Gear?” Blane asked.

“Packed away in luggage,” Hedone said. “Told customs that they were a Templar reenactment group on tour here. I guess they even have badges.”

“Well, if they have badges,” Blane grunted.

“Exactly,” Hedone said. “You should know that they have had this planned for a long, long time. It would have happened at some point. They feel like God led them to the photo and to this resolution of their problems.”

“Which is what?” Blane asked.

“They want control over Nelson so that they can get at this famous Templar fortune,” Hedone said.

“So Nelson is the fortune that will lead them to a fortune,” Blane said. “Just moronic.”

Hedone nodded.

“And Nelson?” Blane asked.

“He’s not here anymore,” Hedone said. “They will not get their prize tonight.”

Blane looked at the clock by the bed.

“Time to go,” Blane said.

“I love you, Blane,” Hedone said.

“I love you too, Hedone and Heather,” Blane said.

They kissed and held each other close.

“Now, go fight some Templars,” Hedone said.

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