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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-nine : After dinner (part three)


(part three)

“You talk through everything?” Nelson asked.

“Not everything,” Jacob said. “Anything is a better word. Anyone wants to speak about anything can bring it up here. Please, Mr. Semaines …”

“Pierre, please,” Pierre said.

“Don’t feel like you need to bare your soul to us,” Jacob said.

“Actually, it might help me quite a bit,” Pierre said. “But first, I was instructed to ask the Oracle …”

“Oh God,” Delphie said.

“Exactly,” Pierre said. “I was instructed to ask if the Oracle could see a divine future for the Order.”

Delphie looked at Pierre. She squinted and looked down at her hands.

“I can go get your cards,” Nelson said.

“She doesn’t need the cards,” Jill said. “They are just a prop. She is a true Oracle. What comes to her just comes.”

Nelson looked at Jill, and Jill nodded. They looked at Delphie.

“Are you able to see?” Pierre asked.

Delphie squinted at Pierre and then looked at Blane.

“Do you still have it?” Delphie asked.

Nodding, Blane got up. He looked at Heather.

“Hall closet,” Heather said.

“Oh, sorry, that sword?” Sandy asked.

Blane nodded.

“I moved it to the basement closet,” Sandy said. “I know it was in a bag and wrapped with protection stuff but we have curious kids. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt and …”

“Tidying?” Heather asked.

Sandy blushed. Sandy’s favorite thing was to go through closets and clean out the junk. It was a regular occurrence to find something you loved moved to somewhere more “appropriate.” Valerie laughed. She’d been on the receiving end of the moving object more times than she could count.

“I can …” Sandy said.

Heather blinked at Sandy and a long thin black bag appeared in her hand. Blane took it from her.

“Parlor tricks?” Aden asked.

“I am a Goddess?” Heather asked, laughing. “Where is your respect?”

Sam cleared his throat to speak. She pointed at him before he could remind Heather that they made every effort to not use powers in the house.

“Point taken,” Heather said. “I was just showing off.”

“Well don’t,” Sam said.

“Where’s my respect?” Heather asked with a laugh.

“My house,” Sam said. “My rules.”

“Actually …” Delphie said.

Everyone laughed. Shaking his head at them, Blane unwrapped the sword and held it out to Delphie. She gestured toward Pierre. Blane held the sword out to Pierre.

Still laughing at Delphie’s joke, Pierre blinked a few times before he really saw the sword in front of him. Nelson looked at the blade and then up at Blane.

“Where did you get that?” Nelson asked.

Pierre hopped to his feet.

“Have you touched this blade?” Pierre asked. “Actually touched the metal.”

“I have,” Blane said.

“Anyone else?” Pierre asked.

Blane looked at Heather, and she shook her head. She looked at Sandy, and Sandy shook her head. As if called, Abi walked through the doors. She looked at the sword and each of the people in turn.

“Where is your Grandfather?” Abi asked Heather.

“He went back to Olympia,” Heather said. “Something about something.”

Abi raised her eyebrows.

“Mostly, I think he went to brag,” Heather said with a nod. “Do you need him?”

“Absolutely not,” Abi said. “I would send you away, but …”

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