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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-nine : After dinner (part six)


(part six)

Pierre’s eyes went to the blade. Perses’ hand dropped onto Blane’s shoulder with a thud.

“You have possession of this blade,” Perses said. “You cannot feel the repercussions of this action.”

“But I don’t want that,” Blane said, his voice rising. “Live or die, I stand in the glory of my actions.”

He nodded to Sam.

“You taught me that, Sam,” Blane said.

“There is only one thing that can be done,” Delphie said.

As if she was making a decision, she looked at Heather and then at Perses. She shook her head before looking at Gilfand.

“I’ll do it,” Abi said.

“If you destroy the blade …” Blane said.

“Trust me,” Abi said.

She took the sword from Blane’s hands and disappeared. Everyone in the room held their breath. After what seemed like an age, Abi reappeared.

Heather pointed to Gilfand.

Abi held out her hand and blew.

“What was that?” Jill asked.

“No one can follow Abi’s trail, now,” Perses said. “She has hidden the blade either in time or in space. Will you look for it?”

“I haven’t actually missed it,” Gilfand said. “Especially since the Titan purge.”

Perses nodded. Gilfand shrugged.

“Is that how Maughold got the Sword of Truth?” Heather asked.

“Are you asking me is I might have given Queen Fand’s child — a child, I might add, who had been stolen at five years old by the Romans and brutally abused by Patrick all of his life — an object of power to help him find his way?” Abi asked.

No one said anything in response. After a moment, Jill spoke up.

“He wasn’t very nice to Katy and Paddie,” Jill said.

“He wasn’t,” Abi said. “I am sorry for that. He felt that he had to test them to see if they were strong enough to carry the weapon.”

“It wasn’t his to give,” Perses said.

Abi rolled her eyes at Perses and he looked every bit the annoying chid.

“I gave it to him,” Abi said. “Are you saying that it was not mine to give?”

Perses cleared his throat. Abi raised her eyebrows and he shook his head.

“Maughold used the sword to clear his mind of his traumatic experience,” Abi said. “Once his mind was clear, he was to find a suitable recipient. I believe he has found such a recipient.”

Abi raised her eyebrows to Pierre. He looked at her for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“I’m sure you’re right,” Pierre said. “Paddie is so young.”

“By modern standards,” Abi said. “True. But many of the Templars went to war at five or six years old. Plus, Paddie and Katy are more than they seem. Together, they could easily conquer the world.”

Jill snorted a laugh. Abi looked at her.

“And, they are just small children,” Abi said.

Everyone grinned.

“Unless you need me?” Gilfand asked.

“You may return to your pleasures,” Abi said.

Gilfand and Abi hugged. He disappeared.

“Will the order continue?” Pierre asked.

“That is another question,” Delphie said.

“Wait, what happened in the garage?” Jacob asked. “I ask because I know that Blane is going to feel bad about it.”

Jacob looked from face to face. No one seemed to know what had happened in the garage.

“I can only tell you what I see,” Delphie said.

They fell silent and waited for her to continue.

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