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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-nine : After dinner (part one)


(part one)

Monday evening — 8:25 p.m.

“My beloved is calling for me,” Hecate said. Standing up from the dinner table, she lifted Cleo from her lap. “I must be going.”

Hecate kissed Cleo’s head. She leaned down to kiss Heather’s cheek.

“I will return,” Hecate said.

Hecate took a few steps away where she could speak with Cleo in private.

“That was fast,” Jill whispered to Heather.

“You mean, Gando Peaches?” Heather asked.

Jill, Tanesha, Sandy, and Aden nodded.

“She’s always been like that,” Heather said. “It’s part of her magic. The appropriate partner is drawn to her the moment she enters the world. It’s just how it is. She can grant this as a blessing or a gift.”

Heather shrugged.

“Too fast for me,” Heather said. “But don’t worry. They will live out his life very joyfully.”

Hecate threw Heather a smile and kept walking.

“Thank you,” Tanesha said as she passed.

“My pleasure, dear one,” Hecate said.

Tanesha blushed, and Hecate smiled. Hecate grabbed a cupcake from the tray that Jacob was holding.

“Take two,” Jacob said. “Ganny likes the chocolate. The dark one.”

Grinning, she took a chocolate cupcake and walked out of the dining room.

Pierre Semaines, Nelson’s father, watched Hecate go. He was sitting with Nelson and their neighbor Mr. Matchel. He glanced at Nelson’s neighbor. Rough around the edges, the elderly man had been a pleasant enough dinner companion. Pierre was glad that he’d been there for the frank conversations about sexual “preference.” It was awkward and, at times, uncomfortable, but they had all survived. It seemed like the elderly man had actually enjoyed his dinner and the barrier was defrosting. Mission accomplished.

“Dessert?” Jacob asked. He set down a tray of cupcakes in the center of the table. “We have chocolate and vanilla.”

Jacob glanced at Sandy and she nodded.

“I should study,” Tanesha said.

Tanesha nodded to Fin, who stood up. Tink, Charlie, Noelle, and Nash stood at the same time, each taking a cupcake with them. They left for the study room down stairs. Jill touched Katy’s shoulder and she nodded. The little girl had told her mother that she wanted to spend more time with the older kids to figure out what it would be like to be older.

“I have to do my reading,” Katy said, as she slid off her chair.

She ran after the older kids. Edie had taken the infants upstairs to the loft, and Honey’s daughter Maggie was having a sleep over for all of the toddlers. So, Honey and the wild bunch, as they were fondly called, were in her apartment. The remaining adults had a chance to relax over their coffee and dessert.

“I wonder if you would mind helping me home,” Mr. Matchel said to Nelson.

“Of course,” Nelson said.

Nelson glanced at Blane, and Blane got up. Blane helped the elderly man to his feet.

“I’ll see you tomorrow for your acupuncture treatment,” Blane said.

“At my house?” Mr. Matchel said. “You’re sure?”

“It’s easy,” Blane said. “Just a walk across the street.”

“For you,” Mr. Matchel said, with a chuckle.

The elderly man shook Blane’s hand. Nelson took his elbow, and they started toward the door. Sam jumped to his feet as they approached.

“Thank you for coming, sir,” Sam said. “You are welcome any time.”

Embarrassed or possibly overwhelmed, Mr. Matchel simply nodded. Nelson and the elderly man shuffled out of the room.

“That went well,” Sam said.

Pierre raised his eyebrows to Sam, and they both laughed.

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