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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-nine : After dinner (part four)


(part four)

“Absolutely not,” Abi said. “I would send you away, but …”

Abi snapped her fingers, and the door to the dining room closed. She pointed to Jill.

“You can either call your father now or he will not be able to come here,” Abi said.

“Do we need him?” Jill asked.

“This is an object of power,” Abi said. “He will know about it.”

“I’d like to hear what he has to say,” Pierre said. He looked at the blade and then at Jill. “His father commissioned the blade.”

“Perses,” Jill said.

The Titan God of Destruction appeared. He was fully armed and dressed in the armor of a Titan warrior. His broad sword was in his hand. He looked at Jill and then walked to the sword in Blane’s hand.

“Is this what I think it is?” Perses asked.

He looked at Pierre who shrugged. He looked at Blane.

“How is it that this human can hold the blade?” Perses asked.

“It’s coated,” Blane said.

“I didn’t want anyone to injure themselves,” Heather said.

“I wore gloves when I took it,” Blane said.

Abi looked at the Titan directly.

“I see,” Perses said.

“Is this Uranus’ blade?” Nelson asked.

“It is Gilfand’s,” Abi said. “He had it made after Uranus and Gaia had all those children.”

Jill shook her head as if she was confused.

“My grandparents,” Perses said. Seeing everyone’s confusion, he sighed and added, “My grandparents had six children. They almost immediately had eight others, including me.”

“An infestation,” Abi said.

“Gilfand created the blade so that they couldn’t use their magic against him,” Perses said. “Couldn’t take over from him and Abi.”

“You didn’t need something like that?” Heather asked Abi.

“I would never give children a weapon that could destroy me,” Abi said. “I was only in danger of being annoyed. But Gilfand isn’t as strong as I am.”

Abi sighed and shrugged.

“We have that in our line,” Pierre said. “We are immune to magic.”

“Imagine that,” Perses said, mildly.

“What are you saying?” Pierre asked. “Speak directly.”

Not used to speaking to humans, Perses shrugged. He brushed at Pierre as if he were brushing and ant off his arm. Heather stood in support of Pierre, but Abi walked to Perses.

“Lord Perses,” Abi said. “Why does Pierre’s line hold the same as this weapon?”

“If they don’t know …” Perses said.

Abi touched Perses’ arm, and the Titan looked deep into her eyes. Everyone watched in rapt silence. Something was happening, they just weren’t sure what. He seemed to sigh. After a moment, he broke Abi’s gaze.

“Excuse me,” Perses said. “Abi was reminding me of something dear and important to me.”

Perses nodded.

“Your ancestor is a child of the creature that goes by ‘Gilfand,’” Perses said. “Direct descendant. He refused to make the sword if he and his line weren’t covered by the properties of the sword.”

“It’s called ‘Cronus blade,’” Pierre said.

“It wasn’t always,” Perses said with a shrug. “Where did your father get it?”

“I …” Pierre said. He shook his head. “I’m not sure. I thought that the sword was never given to the person who had it made or possibly two were made.”

Abi shook her head.

“Gilfand,” Abi said.

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