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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-four : Who is to blame? (part two)


(part two)

“And your son?” the medical examiner asked.

“He was in Denver with me,” Pierre said. “I am very protective over my son. If they had threatened him, then I might have been involved in protecting him. But he was safe and sound.”

Pierre shrugged.

“Yeah, I see that in you,” the medical examiner said.

“Plus, my son’s partner is my acupuncturist,” Pierre said. “I am dependent on him for pain relief.”

The medical examiner gave Pierre a blank look.

“Train explosion,” Pierre said.

The medical examiner looked like he was going to say something. Instead, he picked up the phone and dialed a number. He spoke in the phone in Navajo for a few minutes and set the receiver down.

“Let’s get through identification first,” the medical examiner said. “My son and a couple of his friends should be here by then. They’ll help you get these bodies to the airport.”

“What about Death Sickness?” Pierre asked.

“You a reader?” the medical examiner asked. “Tony Hillerman?”

Pierre nodded.

“Jim Chee was training to be a healer,” the medical examiner said.

“That’s true,” Pierre said.

“We don’t go in for that superstitious crap,” the medical examiner said. “I am a man of science.”

“I’m glad,” Pierre said with a smile.

“Plus, I hedge my bets by having a sing every year or so,” the medical examiner said. “Gets the family together. Makes my grandmother happy.”

Pierre grinned.

“So, don’t you worry,” the medical examiner said. “My son and his friends will be glad to help. I called Ganny before you arrived. He’s already brought a couple SUVs. A couple of his guys should be here soon.”

The medical examiner nodded.

“They couldn’t pass the drug test to work for the construction company,” the medical examiner said. “My son and his friends, too. They have to wait for their systems to clean out. This gives them something positive to do.”

Pierre’s eyes welled up. He gave a quick nod. The medical examiner stood up.

“One way or another, the Navajo Nation will get you and your family squared away,” the medical examiner said. “Don’t you worry. We know what it is to lose. We won’t fail you now.”

Pierre wiped his eyes.

“But first, we need to do the identifications,” the medical examiner said.

Pierre got up and followed the medical examiner into the building.

“They really try to kill you with a bomb on a train,” the medical examiner said. “Got Carlos the Jackal for it?”

“Me, my son,” Pierre said. “They killed my wife.”

“Families,” the medical examiner said, with a shake of his head.

Grinning at the back of the medical examiner’s head, Pierre couldn’t help but agree.

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