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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-four : Who is to blame? (part four)


(part four)

“Makes sense,” Jeraine said. “You don’t look like Mike or Jill …”

“Titan genes tend to overpower human genes,” Hecate said. “My father’s children with Anjelika look like him because of his genetic dominance. It’s true for all Titans who have children with mortals.”

“But not Greek Gods?” Jeraine asked.

“It’s more complicated for them,” Hecate said.

Jeraine wondered if he cared enough to ask.

“Heather has a child who looks like his father,” Hecate said. “She has a child who looks like Olympia. It is not because the first child’s father is dominant and Blane is not. Their looks are a mixture of both.”

“Oh, I get it,” Jeraine said. “Titans tend to just show their look but Greeks …”

“They are already a mixture,” Hecate said.

“Huh,” Jeraine said with a nod.

He started melting chocolate for frosting.

“You asked about why your wife, Tanesha, hasn’t met me,” Hecate said.

Jeraine looked up at her for a brief moment. He gave her a quick nod and returned to look at the chocolate.

“I will answer you if you tell me what you are making,” Hecate said.

“I’m making something called ‘brownies.’ They are a kind of chocolate cake that you can pick up with your hand,” Jeraine said. He imitated eating a brownie with his empty hand. She nodded. “It’s a real favorite for this family. Delphie, the one you call the Oracle, makes them almost every day. I wanted to have some ready for when the teenagers come back from work.”

“And now?” Hecate said. “Will you pour that on top?”

“This is chocolate,” Jeraine said. “It’s very bitter.”

Hecate walked to the pan and started to put the tip of her finger in the pan.

“No,” Jeraine said. “It’s hot.”

Hecate looked at him and blinked.

“You’ll injure yourself,” Jeraine said. He put a hand on his chest. “I have seen Heather mad. It is not pretty. If you get injured on my watch?”

Jeraine shook his head. Hecate grinned at him and he smiled.

“My skin is not fragile to heat,” Hecate said. “I won’t be injured.”

“By all means,” Jeraine said.

He held the pan out to her. She dipped the tip of her pinky into the pan. She stuck the tip of her pinky in her mouth.

“Oh,” Hecate made a face. “Bitter. What is it?”

“Chocolate,” Jeraine said. “It’s from a small tree that grows south of here. It is picked and toasted, then ground.”

Jeraine had the sense that Hecate was deeply listening to him.

“I don’t know this,” Hecate said. “You feed this to children?”

Jeraine grinned.

“It is very dry here,” Jeraine said. “I’ll make frosting to put on the brownies to keep them from drying out.”

“Frosting,” Hecate said.

Jeraine picked up a jar of sugar.

“Sugar,” Jeraine said.

“I know this,” Hecate said. “It was a rare privilege.”

“They figure out how to make it from beets,” Jeraine said. Seeing a look of confusion on Hecate’s face, he smiled. “It’s very affordable now.”

Hecate gave him a distracted nod.

“I will watch you,” Hecate said.

“You will talk and watch,” Jeraine said.

Hecate grinned at his tone.

“Don’t pull that ‘I’m a Goddess’ bullshit with me,” Jeraine said. “I’ve known plenty of starlets, music stars, and even lived with Heather for more than a year.”

When Hecate actually laughed, he felt like he’d accomplished something.

“I shall answer your question,” Hecate said. “Heather and I have been friends since she was a child.”

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