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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-five : Shifting wind (part three)


(part three)

Thursday evening — 9:01 p.m.

Kayenta, Arizona, at the hotel on the Navajo Reservation

When Blane came in the hotel room, Heather got up from a chair to hug him. Tres was sitting on the couch with Wyn asleep against his shoulder. Tres got up, gave Wyn to Blane, patted Blane’s back, and left the room.

“Did I interrupt?” Blane asked as he looked into Wyn’s face. “How are you sleepy boy?”

Grinning, Wyn put his hand on his father’s face.

“Not at all,” Heather said. “Tres was asleep before you came in. Early mornings. Late nights. Too much socializing for an introvert.”

Blane nodded.

“Where’s …?” Blane asked.

Heather stepped aside to show Mack, Maggie, and Jabari asleep on the second bed in their room. With Wyn on his shoulder, Blane went to check on the children. Only Jabari opened his eyes. The boy blinked at Blane, smiled, and then fell sound asleep.

Blane held out his free arm. He held Heather tight.

“How are you?” Heather asked.

“Tired,” Blane said.

“I bet,” Heather said. “We haven’t had a chance to talk since …”

“Forever,” Blane said with a smiled.

Heather grinned at him.

“Do we still have …?” Blane gestured to the adjoining room.

Heather nodded. He went through adjoining door, and Heather followed. He took a stop on the bed, and she sat next to him.

“Do you mind if we talk for a while?” Blane asked. “I really feel like …”

“I’d love that,” Heather said with a smile. “Any idea why Nelson didn’t come back?”

“He left a message saying that he doesn’t think it makes sense to come back here,” Blane said. We’re only here for another day. Plus, he’s working on some swords.”

“Swords?” Heather asked.

“That’s what he said,” Blane said. “He’s pretty excited about it. I guess his father was there for a while. They made a plan for the blades before his dad came here to get the bodies.”

He shook his head.

“He actually has a forge in his garage,” Blane said.

“Who knew?” Heather asked.

“Who knew?” Blane repeated.

“He’s not going to France with his dad?” Heather asked.

“No,” Blane said.

“Is it dangerous still?” Heather asked.

“Seriously?” Blane asked. Heather watched him. “Who fucking knows? I mean, how weirdly complicated does life have to be? I finally get involved with someone and it’s all this complicated, international intrigue crap.”

Heather kissed his cheek.

“It’s going to be okay,” Heather said.

“The FBI agent really thinks that I killed all of those men,” Blane said. “Me! Just unbelievable.”

“Any ideas on who did kill them?” Heather asked.

Blane shook his head.

“You?” Blane asked.

“None,” Heather said.

“What about Perses?” Blane asked. “He was really chomping at the bit to kill them all. He can bend time.”

“Wasn’t him,” Heather said.

Blane gave a dark shake of his head.

“The police station was bad?” Heather asked.

Blane nodded. Wyn squirmed to indicate that he wanted to be set down. Blane put the infant on the bed between them. Heather gave Wyn a soft smile and then looked back at Blane.

“I just …” Blane put his hand to his heart. “I never thought that I would be the focus of … I mean, murder! It’s … hard.”

Heather touched his shoulder, and he leaned his head on her shoulder.

“She went so far as to say that our situation was hedonic,” Blane said.

Heather chuckled.

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