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Chapter Five Hundred and forty : Enter the Templars (part six)


(part six)

“No!” Nelson yelled at the screen. “Blane!”

Mari cackled a laugh. She paused the scene so that they wouldn’t miss anything.

“What did he do?” Nelson asked.

“He took the sword from the man,” Mari said, laughing. “Badass Blane.”

“But …” Nelson started. “He …”

“That your grandfather?” Mari asked.

Nelson walked up to the screen to take a better look.

“I … well …” Nelson said.

“The man standing next to him looks just like you,” Mari said.

“I …” Nelson said. Shaking his head, he walked back to the couch. “I don’t know who they are.”

Mari gave him an exaggerated sigh. He blinked. She disappeared and reappeared with Nelson’s father, Pierre. Pierre was wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a fleece sweater. He had a crutch under his arm.

Pierre arrived with a kind of thud. He looked at Mari and nodded as if to say, “Nice.”

“Father?” Nelson asked. He automatically spoke in French.

Pierre turned to see his son. He held out an arm and Nelson hugged his father.

“Up bright and early, I see.” Pierre responded in French. He didn’t keep the pride from his voice. “Mari said that you needed me?”

“You know each other?” Nelson asked.

His voice reflected his surprise that Pierre was familiar with any fairy, since Pierre hated fairies.

“First time making her acquaintance,” Pierre said. “I was having coffee with O’Malley. He told me that if Mari said you needed me, then you needed me. Here I am.”

Nelson’s hand went to his chest. He and his father had been estranged since he ran away at the end of high school. Nelson’s eyes welled with tears.

“Now, none of that,” Pierre said, patting Nelson on the upper arm. “I thought you were in Arizona with Blane and the kids. But Mari said that you were watching some assault by the Templars? Something about your …”

Nelson pointed to the television screen.

“Oh,” Pierre said.

Pierre walked to the television screen. It was so similar to what Nelson had done that Mari grinned at the man.

“Uh,” Pierre said. He turned to look at Nelson. “Well … Uh …”

Like a drowning man, Pierre looked at Mari.

“Where is this?” Pierre asked.

“That’s the hotel in Arizona,” Mari said in perfect French. She’d obviously followed the entire conversation. “The one where Blane and his family are staying. Everyone is there, including the Oracle. Abi. My sister’s there, too. Do you think they knew that the Oracle was inside? They do know the consequence of killing an Oracle, right?”

“I know the consequence of killing an Oracle,” Pierre mumbled.

He turned to look at his son. His mouth moved, but nothing came out.

“Well,” Pierre said. “Son …”

He pointed to the screen and looked at Nelson again.

“Uh …” Pierre swallowed hard. “I mean …”

Pierre went completely still. So still that Nelson got up from the couch and went to his father.

“What is it?” Nelson asked.

Pierre gave Nelson a desperate looked.

“Remember how I told you that your grandparents were dead?” Pierre asked.

Mari started to laugh. Pierre’s eyes flicked to her.

“I think we’re long past that, Papa,” Nelson said. “You told me things to keep me safe. Some of them were true. Some of them were not true.”

“Sounds like good parenting to me,’ Mari said.

“Exactly,” Nelson said.

Pierre nodded and looked at the screen again. He pointed to the patriarch of the weapons masters of the Templars.

“Meet my father,” Pierre said. “Your grandfather.”

“And his lover?” Nelson asked pointing to the head of the Templars

Pierre’s head jerked to look at Nelson. For a moment, Pierre just blinked. Nelson nodded.

“These men are lovers,” Nelson said. “Look at their body language.”

Pierre gawked at Nelson for a long moment. Nelson pointed from one man to the other. Pierre started to laugh.

“Why is that funny?” Nelson asked.

“Because in all of this time — my entire life — I have never thought of it,” Pierre said. “Not even once. But …”

“Who is he?” Nelson asked. “This lover.”

“He is your mother’s father,” Pierre said.

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