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Chapter Five Hundred and forty : Enter the Templars (part one)


(part one)

“Are you ready?” the fairy warrior princess asked.

“What are we …?” Nelson asked.

Before he could finish his statement, the fairy warrior princess grabbed him around the waist. Time seemed to both stand still and flash by. He opened his mouth to scream and then found himself in the middle of his own apartment. He blinked and then blinked again.

He felt fine.

“You feel okay?” the fairy warrior princess asked.

“Blane said I should feel nauseous,” Nelson said.

“The magic sticks to Blane and Jacob,” the fairy warrior princess said. “It throws off their equilibrium. Magic does not appear to stick to you.”

“It’s in my father’s line,” Nelson said. “Why am I here?”

“We have determined this was the safest place for you,” the fairy warrior princess said.

“Because I am on my own?” Nelson asked. His voice rose in panic.

“Because powerful beings have already fortified this dwelling,” the fairy warrior princess said. “You are a consort to a Goddess, step-father to her children. The work was done a year or more ago.”

“A year ago? But …?”

The fairy warrior princess sighed.

“Those of Olympia live outside of time,” the fairy warrior princess said as if she were speaking to a child. “They came here a year or more ago because of something that is happening now or will happen. Their efforts will shield you, now.”

“What about the trial?” Nelson asked. “Ava thought I might be called in to testify. I would have to leave here!”

“We’ve induced the defendant to settle,” the fairy said.

“What?” Nelson asked. “Who are you?”

“I am Edith,” the fairy warrior princess said. “Second daughter of Queen Fand. Sister to the Blue Fairy and Prince Finegal.”

“And my sister,” another fairy appeared next to her.

The sisters hugged. This fairy was gorgeous — full breasted, narrow waisted, and wide hipped. She looked like every heterosexual male’s dream. Her eyes were big and just a touch too wide. Her hair was full and fell in perfectly maintained auburn curves down her back to her round, high rear. Her make-up was perfect. Was she wearing make up? She wore an expensive, hand sewn dress, and five inch high heels in matching burgundy.

“Princess Mari,” Edie said. “You know me as Edie.”

“I knew there was something going on with your hair,” Nelson said.

“Yes,” Edie said. “The braid is a cover for all of this. Before you ask, James knows that this is what my hair actually looks like; what I actually look like.”

“What will happen to everyone in Arizona?” Nelson asked. “Blane? Heather? The children?”

“They are safe,” Edie said. “Mari will stay with you. If, for any reason, you need to leave this location, she will go with you.”

“But …?” Nelson started.

“She’s looks a little soft, but if someone gets through the protection, she will defend you,” Edie said. “I’ve never known her to lose at anything. Except maybe to our mother.”

“Not anymore,” Mari said.

“Yes, not anymore,” Edie said. “You can trust that Mari will defend you.”

Nelson turned to give Mari an assessing look.

“She is a magnificent cook,” Edie said. “Truly the only one of us that can make anything worth eating. Mari is great fun to be around. You’ll enjoy your time.”

“But …?” Nelson started.

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