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Chapter Five Hundred and forty : Enter the Templars (part five)


(part five)

They struck at 4 o’clock on the dot. Moving toward the sleepy motel, the team of fifty men from the modern Templars ran into an unseen barrier. Laughing, the eldest member of the group took a long sword from his scabbard.

As the patriarch and officials weapons master of the Templars, he could not be affected by magic.

The sword had the power to deplete Godly and fairy influences. One touch should destroy the protective bubble. In their rage, they were prepared to lay waste to the entire hotel even if it meant they killed everyone in the building. The team of Templars had not had a good bloodletting in more than a decade. They were ripe with their lust for blood.

As the blade approached the bubble, a man stepped out of the building.

This weapons master patriarch hesitated. He looked to the leader before turning to squint at the door to the hotel. The leader of the modern Templars was well into his eighties. He and this patriarch of the weapons masters had gone through school together.

At the front door of the hotel, the man slowly pulled on leather work gloves before tucking his hands into his khaki pants and walked toward the edge of the bubble. The man had black hair and hazel eyes. He wasn’t particularly tall by modern standards but he had at least two inches on theses French Templars. The man seemed fit. His face was pleasant and his expression unworried. He walked up to the other side of the bubble.

This patriarch of the weapons masters of the modern Templars gave this human a devious grin and stuck the blade into the protective bubble.

The man yawned.

In a flash, the man reached out and grabbed the sword. The man rotated and yanked the swordfrom this patriarch’s hand. The sword shot through the protective bubble. While the man looked at the sword, the slice in the protective bubble healed.

“Who are you?” the patriarch of the weapons masters asked.

The man lifted a corner of his mouth in a grin.

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