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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-eight : Meet you at the castle (part four)


(part four)

Monday evening — 6:15 p.m.

“How was it?” Ares asked Hecate.

Much to Jeraine’s surprise, the God Ares was waiting for them when the plane landed. Ares had grunted at Jeraine and turned his attention to Hecate.

“Jeraine?” Hecate asked. “Have you met my nephew, Ares?”

Jeraine nodded.

“So, how was it?” Ares asked in an impatient and excited voice.

Jeraine grinned. The great God of War seemed exactly the excited nephew that Hecate had introduced him as.

“A-maz-ing,” Hecate said.

Ares tucked Hecate’s arm into his elbow, and they walked off down the terminal. Jeraine scowled at their retreating forms. The Titan and Greek God stopped to wait for Jeraine. He put his bag on his shoulder and walked toward them.

“You could see everything,” Hecate said. “Clouds, birds, air, blue, so very blue sky. And the land. Acres and acres of gorgeous hills and rivers. And … this really is the best planet, you know?

Ares nodded rather than respond.

“Was it like flying?” Ares asked. “Hedone says it’s like flying but also not like flying because you’re up so high up.”

“Right,” Hecate said, “it’s like flying at many thousands of feet.”

“Wow,” Ares said. “All while you were safe and warm.”

Hecate nodded.

“I could see the land and the animals and the clouds and …” Hecate gave a happy sigh. “Have been?”

Ares shook his head and gave Jeraine a hard look.

“How is that my problem?” Jeraine asked. Heather had told him to give Ares what he got. “If you want to go, you could ask.”

Ares gasped.

“Really?” Ares asked.

The Greek God’s face lit up so brightly that Jeraine had to hold back a laugh. If Ares, God of War, had ever been a child, he must have looked just like this.

“I have been in something called an ‘S-U-V’ and, let me tell you, Hecate, it was incredible,” Ares said. “We went over the land at such a speed. The ‘S-U-V’ is on rubber tires. No horses. All mechanical.”

“I took a ‘taxi’,” Hecate said. “We went from one place to another — across the land, not through time.”

“Yes, this ‘S-U-V’ did the same,” Ares said. “We were up in the mountains on some kind of black track. Just incredible. Not with ten horses could you go as fast or as far.”

“We were in the city,” Hecate said. “Then we came to something called an ‘air-port.’”

“Yes, that’s what this is,” Ares said.

“Oh,” Hecate said on an out breath looking around. “We are not in the air?”

Ares shook his head and looked at Jeraine again.

Air-plane.” Jeraine pointed to the monstrous tubes of aluminum out the windows of the terminal. “Air-port. Where you port airplanes?”

“Ah,” Ares said at the same time Hecate said, “Very smart. Makes perfect sense now.”

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