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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-three : Enter the police (part five)


(part five)

“It is what it is,” Blane said with a shrug. “I can assure you that Tres, me, Nelson, Heather — we don’t know anything about why these people came to harm us or what happened to them. Because it seems like you’ve skipped a step. These people came to harm us.”

“You are here to …” Agent Rodriguez said.

“Our children’s school closes a few times a year,” Blane said. “They are off this week. A large group of us, myself included, were going to head to Poland for a teaching trip, but the trip was canceled due to political unrest there. Nazis.

“My cousin, Jake, had been asked to help with some water wells here on the reservation. He owns an underground utility. The hotel was empty. We came here. Because the school is a part of the company, a lot of the company came with us.”

“And these Templars showed up,” Agent Rodriguez said.

“Exactly,” Blane said.

“Why water wells?” Agent Rodriguez asked.

The Navajo Nation detective turned in his chair to look at Agent Rodriguez. He shook his head.

“I am sure that Detective Nez can give you the history lesson of how the Navajo Nation was tricked out of the water rights to the river that runs through their reservation,” Blane said.

Detective Nez raised his eyebrows.

“Most people do not have their running water here,” Blane said. “We have a friend who’s grandparents asked Jacob for a water well. It just came together that we could do it this week. Once we were here, we wanted to drill as many wells as possible. The need is desperate. Sam Lipson decided to support our friend Gando Peaches in starting his own well digging company.”

Neither Agent Rodriguez nor Detective Nez said anything.

“So far, we’ve dug six wells,” Blane said. “When I am not giving people acupuncture, my focus has been on helping to hire and train one hundred and counting men and women from the Navajo Nation who are looking to gain a skill.

“These are good jobs. Once they learn how to do it, they can work anywhere in the world or stay on the reservation or leave to work in the cities. Hell, they could work for Lipson Construction in Denver. With our support, Gando will be able to provide water to historic areas of the Navajo Nation, allowing people to move back here.

“What is your problem with this?”

“Easy,” Agent Rodriguez said. “Forty dead bodies.”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with me,” Blane said. “You know that I was sitting in a room with more than twenty other people when those men died. Nelson was in Denver. The children were in a room together. The adults were with me.”

Blane shook his head.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with me,” Blane said.

With that, Agent Rodriguez got to her feet. Detective Nez followed her out of the room. Blane was alone, in the police interview room, by himself.


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