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Chapter Five Hundred and five : For war? (part four)


Tuesday early morning — 5:55 a.m.

Denver, Colorado

“I am sorry,” Edie said in a soft voice to Jill. “You have no idea how much I’d rather stay here and …”

Edie’s voice caught. Jill put her hand on Edie’s arm. They walked down the long stairwell from the attic loft to the kitchen. Stepping into the kitchen, they came upon Fin swinging a broad sword in swooping circles.

Edie nodded her head to Fin.

“Would you mind taking that outside?” Jill asked. “Remember, no weapons in the house?”

Fin gave her a vaguely amused look and kept swinging his sword. Edie snapped her fingers and he was gone.

“He’s not going to be happy with …” Jill started.

“You know, I don’t think that’s …” Fin said as he came through the back door.

“Brother, you’re being very rude,” Edie said.

“I am Prince Finegal!” Fin said.

Edie and Jill stopped moving and stared at him. He swung his sword a few times to prove his prince-ness.

“You get so weird when Abi’s gone,” Edie said, finally. “You don’t have to pretend with us.”

Shocked, Fin looked at Edie for a long moment, before nodding.

“I do,” Fin said, with a sigh.

The sword disappeared. Fin dropped down into a chair at the kitchen table. He looked miserable. Edie put her arm on his shoulder.

“We have been recalled to the Queendom,” Edie said.

Fin dropped his forehead to the table. His head hit with a thunk.

“For war?” Jill asked, her face reflecting her disbelief.

Fin nodded his head against the table.

“There’s a tension between the realms,” Edie said. “It erupts into warfare every few million years or so. We go to war. Fairies die for no real reason. We haven’t had a war in a long time.”

“What does it mean when the fairies go to war?” Jill asked.

“The last time, one of the Queen’s pulled an asteroid from space,” Edie said.

“Killed the dinosaurs,” Fin said.

“Oh, I see,” Jill said. “Why is war an option now?”

“Mother’s not cursed anymore,” Fin said into the table. “That’s why this is happening.”

“Making up for lost time,” Edie said.

It sounded like Fin was crying. Edie went to put her hand on his shoulder.

“Fin had been ordered to disown Abi and kill their children,” Edie said with a nod. She leaned down to Fin’s level. “We’ve already decided not to do that, right?”

The only sound was Fin’s sobbing.

“He’s distraught,” Edie said.

“Why would Fin have to kill his children?” Jill asked. “Disown Abi?”

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