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Chapter Five Hundred and five : For war? (part five)


(part five)

“Why would Fin have to kill his children?” Jill asked. “Disown Abi?”

“Oh,” Edie sighed. “It’s a long story. Abi and I have been working with the other Fairy Queens to insure peace. Our mother believes that Abi has betrayed her.”

“Again.” Fin’s miserable voice came from the table.

“Again,” Edie said.

“I see,” Jill said.

“I can’t see anything but stupidity and hopelessness,” Fin said. He sat up. “I have no idea what to do.”

“Your mother was cursed for a long time,” Jill said.

“The fairy Queendoms were peaceful for thousands of years,” Edie said.

“Now, she’s back together again and she wants her war,” Jill said.

“We are her children,” Fin said, miserably. “We must comply with her wishes.”

“So you plan to kill Zoe?” Jill asked about Fin’s infant daughter.

“Zaidy, too,” Fin said.

“The Queen no longer remembers that Zaidy is her child,” Edie said.

“Ah,” Jill said.

“Ah?” Fin asked.

The fairies turned to look at Jill.

“Your mother’s lost her mind,” Jill said. “If you leave Zoe and Zaidy here, she will never know.”

“Yes, she will,” Fin said. “She just has to smell them!”

“Fairies can tell other fairies by their smell,” Edie said conspiratorially.

“Why would you mother ever come here?” Jill asked. “She’ll be busy playing politics. She’ll never know that Zoe, Zaidy, Yvonne, and Tanesha live here.”

Fin and Edie gave Jill their full attention. Edie started to nod first.

“Send Ne Ne here,” Jill said. “We can use the babysitting help. She and Tanesha need to sort some issues out. The Queen won’t miss her.”

“What about Mari?” Fin asked.

“What about Mari?” Jill repeated the question.

“No war is complete unless the queens each lose a child,” Edie said. “Mari is the designated child this time.”

Jill snorted in disgust. Edie and Fin nodded at her distaste.

“We have to figure out a way to not let that happen,” Jill said.

“How?” Fin asked. His voice reflected his misery.

“I don’t know,” Jill said, with a shrug. “Does Queen Fand always get what she wants?”

Fin and Edie nodded.

“Mommy!” Katy called from the loft upstairs.

Always?” Jill asked.

Fin and Edie looked at each other. They shook their head.

“There you go,” Jill said. “We just have to figure out how to stop Queen Fand’s war. Has it happened before?”

“Sure,” Edie said. “The fairy queens hate each other. They always want to destroy each other.”

“Mommy!” Katy called, again.

“I have to go,” Jill said. “I’d encourage you two to think long and hard about this. War is always the wrong thing to do. Your sister’s life is too important for her mother to throw it away for no real reason. If you can stop this, it is your duty to do so.”

Jill moved toward the stairwell.

“Think,” Jill said, before she disappeared up the stairs.

Edie looked at Fin for a long moment.

“Come on,” Edie said. “Let’s go to your apartment and talk.”

Nodding, Fin slunk after her.

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