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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-two : Dream a little dream... (part three)


(part three)

Jacob gave him a broad smile.

“But that doesn’t answer the question,” Rodney said.

“Yvonne asked me if I would keep my eye out for property where you could build a place to help reintroduce some young men to the world,” Jacob said.

“She did, did she?” Rodney asked with a scowl and a sniff.

Feeling hypocritically betrayed, Rodney scowled. He glanced at Jacob, and Jacob laughed at him. Rodney couldn’t help but grin.

“I picked out five or six places from the listings,” Jacob said. “We spent a couple of weeks looking at places all over the state. This was her favorite.”

Her favorite,” Rodney said.

Jacob didn’t say anything for a moment.

“And how the hell did she do that while she was supposed to be rehabbing that knee?” Rodney asked.

“This was before she hurt her knee,” Jacob said. “Before the Marlowe Mine.”

Rodney didn’t say anything for a long moment.

“You’ve been talking about this for a couple of years,” Jacob said mildly. “We’ve been looking for about three months.”

Jacob looked at Rodney.

“Want to take a look?” Jacob asked.

“It’s pretty far from town,” Rodney said.

“There’s a bus stop at the highway where we got off,” Jacob said. “The buses run up and down I-25. We can also run a shuttle into town, if we need to. One thing …”

Rodney turned to look at Jacob.

“There’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done around here,” Jacob said. “We have to assume that these men won’t know how to do anything. So they will be trained in a skill while they help us get this place together. Just that will take up most of their work time for the next year or so. By the time this place is cleaned up and ready to go …”

“Wait,” Rodney said.

“You said ‘they,’” Rodney said.

“I did,” Jacob said.

“Who is ‘they’?” Rodney asked.

“Your charity took possession of five young men about a week ago,” Jacob said.

“What men?” Rodney asked.

“The top five from the list you keep in your wallet,” Jacob said.

“My … what?” Rodney’s hand went to his chest. “Did you say something about a charity?”

“You know — the one Tanesha and her mom set up?” Jacob asked with a grin.

“Tanesha and her mother …” Rodney sounded out each syllable. “You’re serious.”

Jacob nodded.

“Come on,” Jacob said. “I’ll show you.”

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