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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-two : Dream a little dream... (part five)


(part five)

“What was this place?” Rodney asked.

“It’s been a lot of different things,” Jacob said. “Most recently, the owners were trying to make a dude ranch, but got in over their heads. The former owners have stayed on to help get this up and running.”

A hippy-looking middle-aged man and woman came out of the hall and waved at them.

“Why would they …” Rodney started to ask.

“They love the spot,” Jacob said. “They’ve invested every penny they had into this property simply because they loved it. They were happy to see it used in some ‘good’ way. Plus, they’re flat broke. The sale paid off the loan but they …”

Jacob nodded to Rodney.

“They need a new start as well,” Jacob said. “The wife’s mother is the cook. Their youngest child will be the cleaner. Everyone’s excited and on board.”

Rodney looked at the couple for a long moment.

“They are stoners,” Rodney said.

“Exactly,” Jacob said. “Incensed by the drug laws.”

“They going to smoke here?” Rodney asked.

His voice rose with anxiety. His head started to spin.

This! His dream! It was spinning out of …

Yvonne stepped out of the building. That woman only ever made him smile. He gave her the same stupid grin he’d given her since they were children. She waved for him to come inside.

“To answer your question,” Jacob said, “they’ve agreed to stay on to see how it goes. If they are uncomfortable or need to be high, they’ve agreed to leave. They love this place more than they love weed. Or so they said. And, like I said, they need a fresh start too.”

Rodney nodded.

“Juries out,” Jacob said. “This was an old meeting hall. Quakers. It’s beautiful inside. Simple. Strong. Profound. There’s a kind of stillness …”

Jacob nodded his head.

“Honey’s already filed the paperwork for it to be on the historic record,” Jacob said.

“Honey’s good with paperwork,” Rodney nodded. “Wait, I’ve been signing a lot of papers for … She said that they were insurance papers for Yvonne’s knee.”

Jacob nodded.

“I was buying this place,” Rodney said.

“Honey is good at paperwork,” Jacob said. “Ready?”

“It’s going too fast!” Rodney said.

“Life does,” Jacob said. “Don’t you have some saying about that?”

“Life goes by fast,” Rodney said, by rote. “You can either sit on the bank of the river or just jump in and see where it takes you. Either way, the journey will be over soon enough. That’s kind of my life mantra.”

“Yeah,” Jacob said. “That’s it. Good mantra.”

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