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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-three : Today's a good day (part three)


(part three)

“Oh,” the advisor dug around on her desk for a moment. “Good question.”

“I always think that people should study something near their profession but a little off from it,” the advisor said. “That way, you would know enough to lead a team of people who do this or start a business on your own. For you that would be …”

The advisor turned her attention to her desk. For a moment, Jill simply stared at the date. She smiled at herself.

Somehow, some way, she was right now living a dream life.

The advisor came up with the catalog and set it on top of other things. For the next ten minutes, they went through possibilities for Jill to either minor in or possibly major. The advisor thought manufacturing would be good, but Jill couldn’t imagine anything more boring.

Looking at the catalog this way, on this day, Jill saw that she had every possibility open to her. Instinctively, her eyes followed the path of the grieving widow.

“So you have some things to think about,” the advisor said.

“When do I have to decide?” Jill asked.

“You need to declare a major this quarter,” the advisor said. “But we can always change it.”

The advisor looked at Jill and nodded.

“But?” Jill asked.

“Well,” the advisor sighed. “Taking some time now will help you for the rest of your time here.”

The advisor gave an impish shrug.

“That’s all,” the advisor said.

“Absolutely,” Jill said. “Thank you.”

Jill got up from the advisor’s desk.

“When you know, let me know,” the advisor said. “I wouldn’t take too long, though. The term starts next week.”

“Let’s schedule for next Monday,” Jill said. “That will give me a week to think about it, go over it with my friends and husband.”

The advisor beamed.

“Good,” the advisor said. “That’s really good!”

They made an early Monday morning appointment. Jill left the small office. Outside the door, she past the next waiting student in the hallway. The student shot Jill a hard look, as if Jill was the reason the advisor was late. Jill smiled at the other student and continued down the hallway. She walked down to the payment office.

There was no one at the front desk. The smell of brewing coffee came from somewhere in the back.

“Hello?” Jill said in a loud voice.

“I’ll be right there,” the clerk said from somewhere in the back.

Jill took out her credit card. For a moment, she simply tapped it on the counter. Her heart of hearts told her that, no matter how long it took them to pay it off, Jacob would agree with this.

Plus, she thought it was a great way to celebrate the bitter sweet passing of Trevor Guinsey.

“May I help you?” the clerk asked.

“I wanted to pay off the tuition for …” Jill said.

She gave the name of the woman whose husband had been killed.

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