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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-three : Today's a good day (part five)


(part five)

“I … Uh …” Martine said. “The order must continue.”

“Why?” Mari asked. “There were thousands and thousands of years of human existence before there was an order. There will be thousands and thousands of human existence after the order has ended.”

Pierre looked at Mari and then at Martine.

“Who are you to determine what is of God?” Pierre asked. His voice was hard. He stood up. “I am the head of the family now. I am the head of the order now. Isn’t that up to me?”

Martine turned her cool eyes to him.

“My orders should supersede any order you received,” Pierre said.

Nelson and Mari shifted in such a way that they were a little behind Pierre.

“And what are your orders?” Martine asked.

“I have ordered entire the armory shipped to the United States,” Pierre said. “To me.”

“I’ve brought what we have,” Martine said.

“You’re funny,” Pierre said.

He nodded to Mari. The fairy just grinned. Martine’s mouth dropped open.

“You didn’t,” Martine said with disgust.

“We have everything from the armory in France and England,” Pierre said. “Including the lesser work you brought. In spite of the efforts to go around us, we will take possession of the swords in New Mexico, my father’s sword and the rest.”

“Our father,” Martine spit at Pierre. “He was killed …”

“Attempting to murder my son, his family, and his friends,” Pierre said.

“They are all dead,” Martine said. “Have you bothered to ask yourself why?”

Martine gestured to Nelson.

“This abomination …” Martine started.

“They were killed because two Navajo Gods wished it,” Pierre said. “Or at least that is what I was told.”

Martine gave him a dark look.

“And you know this …?” Martine asked.

“I was informed by Perses,” Pierre said.

“The Titan?” Martine asked.

Pierre nodded. Martine looked to Nelson and then to Mari as confirmation.

“It’s my understanding that the French government has discovered the oversight which has granted the order possession of the Templar land,” Pierre said. “I was notified this morning that they demand that the land to be returned to France. I have agreed to comply. You will be allowed to live out your life in your home. Upon your death, your farm and land will go to France.”

“And our father’s home?” Martine asked in horror. “The head of the order’s home?”

“France has already filed for possession,” Pierre said.

Martine sputtered.

“You should also be aware that the protection from our father’s sword has been broken,” Pierre said. “New evidence has come to light that you made and planted the bomb that maimed me and killed Nelson’s mother.”

Martine turned in place and started toward the door.

“They will be waiting for you when you land,” Pierre said. “If you stay here long enough, the Denver Police will come to get you.”

Martine stopped at the door. She turned to look at them again.

“You must know that it wasn’t personal, Pierre,” Martine said. “We didn’t know about the child and …”

“It was personal to me,” Nelson said.

He opened his mouth to say more but nothing came out. Martine looked him. Pierre held out his hand. Nelson walked into his father’s arms. Martine watched them for a moment and left Nelson’s home. Mari watched Nelson and Pierre for a moment before disappearing.

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