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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-six : Honey's turn to heal (part two)


(part two)

“Please stand behind her,” Abi said. When Mari moved, she added, “Put your hand on the base of her neck.”

“As you wish,” Mari said.

Abi turned over Honey’s hand so that her palm faced up. Abi placed her hand over Honey’s so that the palm of her hand touched the palm of Honey’s hand. A minute past and nothing happened. Mari took a breath to say something when Honey’s entire hand and arm started to jerk.

Honey’s hand and arm pulsed with seizure like jerks twice more.

Abi took her hand from the palm of Honey’s hand. The swelling in Honey’s arm dropped immediately. Honey’s had looked completely normal.

“Back away, I’m going to wake her up,” Abi said.

Mari nodded and moved to where Honey would not be able to see her.

“Honey?” Abi asked.

Honey opened her eyes and looked at Abi. She blinked.

“You nodded off a bit,” Abi said with a soft smile.

“What happened?” Honey asked.

“I used the opportunity to work on your hand and wrist,” Abi said. “I took these screws out of your wrist and this metal plate.”

Honey turned to look at her hand. She closed her eyes and opened them in disbelief.

“It looks … I mean …” Honey said. She leaned forward as if to whisper, “Normal.”

Honey nodded and Abi grinned.

“Of course,” Abi said. “Try it. Make sure it works.”

Honey opened and closed her fingers. Her thumb made and easy journey into a fist. She rotated her wrist ease and without any pain. She shook her head in disbelief.

“But the nerves!” Honey said. Her hand moved instinctively to her neck.

“Yes,” Abi said. “I woke them up, as well. They had forgotten that they needed to heal,” Abi said. “You may have some spasms or fleeting moments of pain. They are rejoicing in the opportunity to function.”

Honey nodded. Her hand went to her face. It tried to pick up the fork but the instrument fell through her fingers.

“It may take a while for your hand to regain some strength,” Abi said. “I am sorry.”

“Who cares?” Honey asked. “Strength will grow!”

Abi grinned at Honey’s words but Honey didn’t see her. She was too caught up in looking at the movement in her hand.

“Just incredible,” Honey said. “Can you do the other one?”

“Of course,” Abi said.

“BUT …” Honey said. She gave Abi a knowing look. “Can I control when you put me to sleep?”

Abi looked a little embarrassed.

“And, can Mari come out?” Honey asked.

“How did you know?” Mari asked as she moved forward.

“You are wearing the perfume we gave you,” Honey said. “The one M.J. got in Africa that smells like limes.”

Mari mouthed “Sorry” to Abi. But Abi shrugged.

“We should not have tried to fool you,” Abi said.

“I understand why you did,” Honey said.

“I am only here to help,” Mari said. “I’m not doing anything. At all. Just holding you up.”

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