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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-six : Honey's turn to heal (part three)


(part three)

“Thank you for that,” Honeys said. “Okay …”

She put her other hand up on the counter.

“I’m ready,” Honey said.

Abi snapped her fingers and Honey was asleep again. She leaned forward to look at the hand.

This was clearly Honey’s non-dominant hand. Honey had had no surgeries on it. The hand was locked in a fist.

Abi touched Honey’s hand with a feather light touch. The hand naturally opened. Not understanding what was wrong with this hand, Abi shook her head.

“Show me,” Abi demanded of the hand and arm.

A red light shone at Honey’s elbow. Abi turned Honey’s arm over and saw a straight scar. Honey’s nerves had been severed. There was nothing any human could have done to help her regain function in this hand. Abi nodded.

“Anything else?” Abi asked.

“There’s a light at her neck,” Mari said.

Abi got up and walked around to look at Honey’s neck. She touched Honey’s neck.

“Will you remove her clothing?” Mari asked.

“As you wish,” Mari said. With a snap of Mari’s fingers, Honey was naked from the waste up.

Both women gasped. Mari’s hand instinctively traced the lines of scars and surgeries.

“What are you doing?” M.J. asked from the doorway.

He had a handgun in his hand that was pointed to the ground.

“Honey has asked for my help,” Abi said. “She wants to be whole again.”

“We’ve just returned for a meeting that would do that,” M.J. said, evenly.

Abi looked at M.J. and returned to look at Honey’s back.

“Answer me,” M.J. demanded.

“Do you have a question?” Abi asked.

“What are you doing?” M.J. asked.

“I have answered that,” Abi said. She walked around Honey again. “Now, you cannot kill me. Mari can be killed but she comes for a line of warriors who have been at battles for thousands of years. They move like air. You will never see her coming. She will likely kill or maim you before you get a shot off.”

Abi looked at M.J. for a brief moment.

“Do put the weapon away before you hurt yourself,” Abi said.

M.J. gave Abi a kind of trance like nod.

“Now, you are welcome to watch,” Abi said.

“What are you?” M.J. asked.

Abi sighed with irritation. Mari stepped forward.

“She is the representative of the planet,” Mari said. “She is creation and holds the power of the planet.”

“Like those cherub things that healed Jacob?” M.J. asked.

“Let’s say that they work for her,” Mari said.

“At my request,” Abi corrected.

Abi touched Honey’s back.

“She has asked for help and healing,” Abi said. “She is ready to let go of what happened before and move to wholeness. We have already worked on her hand.”

Abi gestured to Honey’s healed hand. As if transfixed, M.J. moved forward to touch the hand. He held it up to his eyes and scanned the skin.

“The scars!” he whispered in awe.

Mari pointed to the screws and plate.

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