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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-six : Honey's turn to heal (part six)


(part six)

Honey reached up with the first hand Abi had healed. He did something he hadn’t been able to do well since they were children. He took her head.

She giggled.

“Try your other hand,” Abi said.

Honey looked down at her hand and blinked.

“It’s perfect,” Honey said.

She opened and closed her hand. Letting go of M.J.’s hand, she clasped her hands together. She weaved her fingers together and held them out in front of her.

“Wow,” M.J. said.

Honey simply beamed.

“I apologize that you were out for such a long time,” Abi said. “You had a fairly severe infection.”

“Yes,” Honey said. “They don’t know what that’s about.”

“Your elbow,” M.J. said. “Remember when your dad punched you and you fell? Broke it? Got infected?”

Nodding, Honey looked up at him.

“It was still broken there,” M.J. said. He nodded to Abi. “She fixed your elbow and cleared out the infection. Try to move your elbow.

Honey slowly moved her hands toward her and away.

“Wow,” she said. “That’s just amazing.”

Abi nodded.

“That is probably enough for one session,” Abi said. “Especially the first session. I know that you have to be up early to get to work. Why don’t you two take the rest of the champagne and cake? You can see how those hands work a bit in private.”

Honey blushed, and M.J. gave her a sly grin. They made polite talk until Abi told them to go.

With the cake on her lap, Honey took one last look at Abi before rolling into her apartment. She felt such overwhelming gratitude of the creature named Abi, who had helped her and for her life. She sighed.

“You okay?” M.J. asked, putting a cork into the champagne.

“Just grateful,” Honey said.

M.J. tucked the champagne into their refrigerator. He took the cake from Honey and put it next to the champagne. He pointed to the smaller bathroom and Honey nodded. He always got ready in the other bathroom to allow Honey to get ready in the bathroom off their bedroom.

She rolled into the bathroom and hefted herself onto the toilet. She marveled at how well her hands worked. When she finished, her newly fixed hand easily flushed the toilet.

Laughing to herself, she brushed her teeth with abandon as her hand could now hold a toothbrush. She went out into the bedroom. Her hands easily worked to undress her and put on her bed clothes. She was almost done when she heard M.J. gasp.

“I know!” Honey said. “Look at how great these hands work.”

She turned to look at M.J.

“You’re standing,” M.J. whispered.

Honey looked down at her legs so fast that she almost lost her balance.

“Can you …?” M.J. asked. He held out his arms.

Honey easily walked into them. They laughed until they cried.

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