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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-six : Honey's turn to heal (part one)


(part one)

“Will it hurt?” Honey asked.

“It might,” Abi said. “You let me know if it is too much and I’ll stop immediately.”

Honey nodded.

“Let’s we start with your hands, as you suggested?” Abi said. “I know that Liban did an excellent job giving you ‘more’ flexibility, but what if they were whole again.”

“That would be great!” Honey said.

“Good. We’ll do one hand at a time. You can stop at any time,” Abi said. She gave Honey a warm reassuring smile. “Now, close your eyes.”

“Have you done this before?” Honey asked.

“A few times,” Abi said.

Honey wasn’t sure if she could ask for examples so she didn’t say anything.

“For a man who was at war for more than 3,000 years, my darling Fin has few physical injuries,” Abi said.

“He’s a fairy,” Honey said with a shrug.

“He cannot use fairy magic to put on an arm or a leg,” Abi said with a grin.

Honey nodded.

“I will stop at any time,” Abi said. “You say the word and it’s over. You can use your science. Deal?”

“Deal,” Honey said. “Can I watch? Ever since I was a child, I have trouble closing my eyes to people.”

“Yes, I see,” Abi said. “Hmm …”

Abi snapped her fingers, and Honey’s head dropped forward as if she were sound asleep. Abi gave a nod.

“Mari,” Abi said.

The fairy Mari appeared.

“She has chosen to let me help her,” Abi said. “I will need your assistance.”

“Of course,” Mari said.

Abi grinned at Mari. Abi and Mari had spent thousands of human years trapped in Queen Fand’s Queendom. They were fast friends.

“She does not trust fairies,” Abi said.

“It’s those fairy envoys,” Mari said.

“They’ve really soured these humans to your entire kind,” Abi said. “Even to Fin and Edie. I will speak with Fin, but it’s something to be aware of and change, if possible.”

“Yes, Nelson has made a few remarks as well,” Mari nodded.

“I told her that I would work on her hands first,” Abi said. “Would you get them for me?”

Mari went to where Honey was sitting. She laid Honey’s wrist out onto the table. In attempts to get some movement out of her hands, Honey had had a number of surgeries on her hands. Abi clucked at the scars.

“When you’re ready,” Mari said.

“Let’s start,” Abi said.

Abi’s hand went over Honey’s wrist and arm. Honey’s arm became soft, like butter. It swelled to nearly grotesque proportions. Abi pointed her finger to Honey’s wrist where it was closest to her pinky finger. Spinning from some unseen screwdriver, a screw came out of her wrist. And then another. Abi moved down Honey’s wrist clearing it of screws. She pulled a long, thin plate from the hand, which she set on the table next to the ten screws. One at a time, she set them onto the table in front of where Honey was sitting.

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