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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-six : Honey's turn to heal (part four)


(part four)

Mari pointed to the screws and plate.

“You took those out of her?” M.J. asked in the same whisper. He pressed on her palm and her fingers curled.

His face made a “Wow” expression.

“You did this?” M.J. asked.

“The weapon?” Abi said.

“Oh, right,” M.J. said. He put on the safety and set it on the kitchen counter. “May I watch?”

“You may watch, but do not interfere,” Abi said. “I did not realize that she had such an extreme injured.”

“She hides it well,” M.J. said.

“Jill must be very powerful to keep her here,” Abi said.

“She’s very stubborn,” M.J. said. “She’ll take the tiniest gift and grow it into a fortune.

“She is amazing,” Abi said. “I may need your help holding her up. That is what Princess Mari is here doing.”

“Not eating cake?” M.J. asked.

“I was celebrating with Honey,” Abi said. “We had cake and some champagne.”

M.J. nodded.

“Okay,” M.J. said. “I’ll do my best.”

“That is enough for me,” Abi said. “Shall we begin again? This hand should function. There is a scar at her elbow?”

“She broke her elbow when she was a kid,” M.J. said. “Or her dad broke her elbow. It got infected. She didn’t have insurance so she was really sick. I took her to the free clinic, and they installed a drain. She took her pills and I cleaned it every day.”

“This makes sense,” Abi said. She nodded to the elbow. “There is infection there.”

“Oh,” M.J. said.

Abi looked up at him.

“She has an underlying infection,” M.J. said. “They’ve never been able to figure out where it is coming from. She takes a lot of antibiotics. Every day. Her biggest fear is that Maggie will get sick. She freaked out when Maggie had a fever.”

M.J. nodded.

“What do we do?” M.J. asked quickly.

“You could hold up her elbow,” Abi said. “Bend her forward.”

Mari bent Honey forward so that her head was on the table. Abi put her hand on the elbow. The skin opened showing the bone. She ran her hand over the bone. A tiny speck of yellow formed near the bone. It began to grow in size.

“I am picking up pieces of the broken bone,” Abi said. “Now, I ask them to rearrange themselves into wholeness.”

Abi smiled when the elbow became whole.

“These bacteria,” Abi said softly. The yellow speck was now the size of a quarter. “Yes. Thank you for your service.”

She snapped her fingers and the yellow disappeared.

“Are they dead?” M.J. asked.

“I sent them home,” Abi said. “There’s still …”

Abi pointed as another yellow pool began to grow.

“Where is it coming from?” M.J. asked.

Abi didn’t respond so M.J. looked at Mari.

“From pockets in her body,” Mari said. “She has a lot of metal inside?”

M.J. nodded.

“Holding her back together,” M.J. said.

Mari nodded toward Abi. She released another quarter sized yellow pool. This continued for two or three more rounds. When no yellow appeared, Abi ran her hand over Honey’s body.

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