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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-six : Honey's turn to heal (part five)


(part five)

“I believe it is gone,” Abi said. “At the very least, these antibiotics should clear up whatever remains.”

“The bacteria will die,” Mari said.

“They knew the risks,” Abi said, mildly.

Mari and M.J. gave Abi a long look. Clearly, when Abi spoke, the entire world should respond.

“Okay,” Abi said. The skin on Honey’s elbow reattached. “If you can hold her at the neck.”

Abi placed her hand over Honey’s. Honey’s hand began to seize and jerk.

“What are you doing!?” M.J. asked.

“I am restarting her nerves,” Abi said.

“Healing them,” Mari said.

“You’ve seen this before,” M.J. said.

“When she gave me back my hand,” Mari said.

“Your …” M.J. said.

Mari held up her hand and wiggled her fingers.

“We need to wake her,” Abi said. “Our agreement was just for her hand. Please back away. It’s too much for her to wake to you.”

“But!” M.J. said.

“Either of you,” Abi said.

Mari touched his arm and they moved away. Abi woke Honey. Groggy, Honey opened and closed her eyes. Abi saw something and snapped her finger again.

“Hey!” M.J. said.

Abi pointed. There was a puddle of bacteria on Honey’s tongue. Abi snapped her fingers and the bacteria disappeared. She woke Honey again.

“What happened?” Honey asked.

“Your husband came in,” Abi said, nodding in M.J.’s direction. “He was concerned.”

“M.J.?” Honey asked. Her head rotated so easily and freely that she could only whisper, “Wow.”

She glanced at Abi, who smiled, and then to look for M.J. He leaned down to kiss her. She rotated her head in his direction and he grinned. They kissed.

“How is Sandy?” Honey asked.

“Out of surgery,” M.J. said with a nod. “Her head hasn’t swollen as much as they thought it might. So she doesn’t need to have the scull surgery. The plastic surgeon is coming to see her for her nose and cheek. She’ll have more surgery tomorrow.”

“This is great news,” Honey said.

“Jill has been with her since she got out of surgery,” M.J. said with a nod. “Her dad showed up. You know, O’Malley. He had her moved to a private ICU. You would have laughed. They’ve been kind, but pretty gruff with us. He showed up and was like, ‘This is my daughter!’ and suddenly everyone is scrapping and bowing.”

“Why would that be?” Abi asked.

“He’s a big donor to that hospital,” M.J. said. “He’s donated money for the new hospital and then held a big fundraiser. They were going to name a building after him, but he thinks that’s dumb. Maresol brought these wonderful pastries and coffee. They took Charlie and the teens back to their house. Delphie, too.”

“Maresol and Delphie are lifelong friends,” Honey said.

“Yes, I just learned that,” M.J. said with a grin.

“So Sandy is well?” Abi asked.

“As good as could be expected,” M.J. said. “There’s no guarantee, but it seems like she will heal completely.”

“That is wonderful news,” Abi said. “Those hospitals are wonderful.”

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