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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-seven : Needing comfort (part three)


(part three)

Nelson shrugged. Blane felt his internal homophobia rise.

What if Wyn saw them? What if his son knew that he was gay?

His self-rage grew.

Why am I like this? God, I’d give a million dollars just to be … I can’t have what I want. I can’t be who I am. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. And this gorgeous man who says he loves me wants to help me and I …

As if she was standing next to him, he heard Heather’s voice:

“What will happen if your son sees Nelson holding you when you’re in pain? Then our son will see love in action. He will know that comfort is available — for him and for you. He will know that his father is loved, that his father loves. I can’t imagine anything better for him to see — every day, all the time.”

His self-rage drained out of him. He took a breath and then another.

Nelson patted the bed again.

Holding Wyn against him, Blane crawled across the bed until he was sitting near Nelson. Nelson reached out and pulled Blane backward. Blane set Wyn down on the bed between his legs.

“Lean back,” Nelson said.

Blane did as he was told. Nelson wrapped his arms around Blane. After a moment, a tear ran down Blane’s face.

“What is it?” Nelson asked in a soft voice.

“Just life,” Blane said. “So fragile.”

“Sandy?” Nelson asked.

“So crazy,” Blane said. “Stupid. And she almost … She almost …”

Blane let out a sob. Nelson kissed Blane’s cheek. Blane leaned into Nelson. They lay like that until they fell asleep.

Nelson’s father tapped on the door at six in the morning. Pierre opened the door.

“Your alarm is going off and I don’t know how to turn it off,” Pierre said, in French. “I have tried.”

“Oui, Papa,” Nelson said.

Blane leaned forward so that Nelson could get out.

“I’ll take the child,” Pierre said continuing in French.

Unsure of what he meant, Blane blinked at him. Pierre held out his hands and leaned over the bed. Blane picked Wyn up from the bed. Blane set Wyn into Pierre’s hands.

“Baby Wyn needs a diaper change,” Pierre said with a dramatic whiff indicating that Wyn smelled.

“I’ll get …” Blane said

“I would advise you to take a shower while you can,” Pierre said. “These babies will need breakfast and medication. They are still very sick. Dionne will be here at seven.”

“In English?” Blane asked.

“You will need to learn,” Pierre said in English while wagging his finger at Blane. “No love of my son’s will be non-French speaking.”

Blane grinned at Pierre.

“Go shower,” Pierre said. “There is a shower in there. The children are ill and need food. The nurse will be here at seven.”

Blane nodded.

“Come on, Wyn,” Pierre said. “Let’s get you a new diaper.”

Pierre gave Blane a nod and pulled the door closed.

“That went well,” Blane said to himself.

He went to shower.

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