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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-seven : Needing comfort (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday early morning — 1:15 a.m.

Blane looked at his watch.

It was late.

Nelson had said he should come by when he was done at the hospital. And, anyway, Wyn would be up soon and need his bottle.

He winced at his own rationalization.

He really wanted — needed, maybe — was comfort.

He never got used to how life could change in a moment. One moment Sandy was trying to get the kids to dinner and the next she was intubated.

No one beside himself, Fin, and Tanesha knew how close she’d come to dying right there at the bottom of the stairs. They’d seen Abi grab Sandy’s soul from the air and push it back into her body.

Fin and Tanesha were fairies.

His new “senses” were newly forming from his work with Abi.

He watched in dumbstruck awe as Abi stepped between the seconds to make this happen. As far as everyone else was concerned, she was sitting in the dining room serving dinner.

“It was okay to want some comfort,” he reasoned.

He would go home to Heather, but he knew that she had stashed Sandy somewhere so that her body could heal. He groaned at himself and put his key in the lock of Nelson’s front door. The door swung soundlessly open.

He took one step inside, and Mari the fairy appeared. She held her finger to her lips and gestured. He followed her up to Nelson’s living area. The Wild Bunch of toddlers were asleep on the couch and the floor. His son, Mack, was lying on his side with his best friend, Maggie, in front of him. Lying on the couch, Jabari’s eyes opened when he entered the room. Blane put his hand on the boy’s stomach, and the boy went back to sleep.

Nelson’s father Pierre was sound asleep, leaned back in a recliner. Sandy’s daughter, Rachel Ann, was lying against him. Jackie and Ivy were on the other end of the couch.

His son, Wyn, was … Blane didn’t see him. He gave Mari a questioning look.

Mari gestured toward the kitchen with her thumb. He followed her into the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” Blane whispered.

“I’m still protecting Nelson,” Mari said.

“If you are protecting him from sick toddlers, you have failed miserably,” Blane said with a grin.

Missing his joke, Mari shook her head at Blane.

“His crazy family is still in play,” Mari said. “Pierre thinks that he’s taken care of it.”

Mari shook her head.

“Igh,” Blane said. “Where is Wyn?”

“Wyn’s with Nelson,” Mari said. “We ran out of space out here. Nelson said that Wyn eats in the middle of the night. We didn’t want to wake the others.”

“He’s still pretty little,” Blane said.

“He’s not that little,” Mari said with a pointed shrug.

“Point taken,” Blane said.

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