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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-one : You are no fun! (part six)


(part six)

Ares stepped forward and held out his hand in the manner in which Blane and Nelson had taught him.

“Hi,” he said. “I am Ares.”

Martine looked at the God’s hand and looked terrified. Nelson scowled at this Martine.

“You may as well shake his hand,” Nelson said. “He won’t eat you.”

“Not yet,” Ares said.

Mari laughed.

“He’s just learning his modern social cues,” Nelson said. He punched Ares in the shoulder to get him to stop laughing. “Just shake his hand.”

To her credit, Martine shook Ares’ hand.

“Why are you here?” Nelson asked. He set the Fairy Princess on the table. He nodded to Mari. “Princess Mari says that you are here to kill me.”

Martine took a step back.

“Why would you wish to kill a total stranger?” Nelson asked. “A relative no less.”

“It’s the order,” Martine said mildly. “It must continue.”

Ares and Mari groaned in unison. Nelson raised an eyebrow to them.

“You really should …” Mari started.

“No,” Nelson said.

“What does the tiny fairy wish to do?” Martine said with a sniff.

“Don’t antagonize her,” Nelson said. “She’s ruthless by nature.”

Martine gave Mari an assessing look and fell silent. Nelson went back to look at the blade. Martine nodded to the sword.

“That yours?” Martine asked.

“I am a fairy princess,” Mari said. “Use your keen mind to work that out?”

“It’s said to have mythic properties,” Martine said.

“That sword?” Ares asked.

He walked over to the sword and looked at it. He shook his head.

“There are a lot stronger blades,” Ares said.

“Oh, and I guess you’re an expert,” Martine said.

“He’s the Greek God of War,” Nelson said, mildly.

Martine’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. She instinctively took a step backward.

“He had seen and reviewed every sword and weapon, at least once,” Nelson said. “How does this blade compare to others?”

Nelson held up the sword.

“It’s powerful but …” Ares said with an appraising nod. “Woman’s blade and …”

Nelson gave the sword to Mari. Her hand went on the grip. The sword emanated a bright, hot light. The air became stifling. Nelson’s clothing started to smoke. The overhead vent increased a notch for the increase in noxious chemicals released by the light.

Nelson grabbed the sword back from Mari. The light ended and the room descended into dark. It took everyone a moment to adjust.

“Well, that’s a different matter,” Ares said. “Isn’t it? Is that a property of the blade?”

“It was made for Princess Mari by our family on contract for a semi-deity,” Nelson said. “She’s not sure that he even knew that he had that gift. Although, we’ve looked up the record and it appears he was fairly ruthless.”

Nelson looked at Martine.

“He was killed by Shiva before they could wed,” Nelson said.

Martine blinked at Nelson.

“Yes, that Shiva,” Nelson said. “Now, you’re here to kill me? How were you planning to do that?”

Mari and Ares started laughing.

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