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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-one : You are no fun! (part one)


(part one)

Monday evening — 8:40 p.m.

“You guys okay here?” Tanesha asked.

She was standing at the door to the basement room they used as a study room. Charlie, Tink, Nash, Teddy, and Noelle had picked their favorite spots. Ivy slid in under Tanesha’s arm and took her usual place next to Noelle.

“We’re fine,” Nash said in a bored tone.

“We need to finish this up,” Teddy said more brightly.

Not a fool, Tanesha knew that there was something going on. Her suspicions were confirmed when Katy slid into the room with her big chapter book. Tanesha scowled at Katy.

“I have to finish my reading,” Katy said.

She held up her book and gave Tanesha a big grin. Charlie slid over on the couch, and Katy went to sit next to him.

“Are you coming?” Fin’s irritated voice came from the meditation room next door.

Tanesha scowled in his direction.

“I can feel it when you scowl,” Fin said. “You can always use your magic for this.”

“I need to go,” Tanesha said. She pointed at the teenagers. “Whatever you’re up to, just know that I know that you’re up to something. And!”

“We’re just studying!” Noelle said. “Gaah! We go to school. You know that we go to school. We have work to do in school!”

Tanesha took a breath and then sighed.

“If you run into trouble, we’re just next door,” Tanesha said.

She grinned at the children and closed the door. She stood at the door for a moment to hear if they started to talk. Remembering that Katy was there, she shook her head and went into the meditation room. Fin was sprawled out on the meditation mat. The electric kettle clicked off. Tanesha made tea in mugs. She gave him his Irish Breakfast, seven sugar cubes, and sat cross legged next to him.

“You ready?” Tanesha asked taking out her flash cards.

“How do you get those made so fast?” Fin asked.

“I did them this afternoon while you were playing Prince and looking for sweets on campus,” Tanesha said. “Applying yourself to the task — you should try it.”

“Then when would I play Prince?” Fin said.

Tanesha grinned at him. He glanced over at her and gave a big laugh.

“Did you figure out what they were up to?” Fin asked.

“No,” Tanesha said. She shook her head and sighed, “I guess I have to trust that they are good kids and …”

“Trust?” Fin asked. “Bah. Why not use your magic to listen in?”

Tanesha held up the flash cards.

“Well, I already have,” Fin said.

“You already have what?” Tanesha asked.

“Listened in,” Fin said.

“How?” Tanesha asked. “You’re not a time walker.”

“This is true,” Fin said. “They spoke of it as soon as you left from behind the door.”

“What are they doing?” Tanesha asked.

“They are wrapping up final details for that military team to go Poland,” Fin said.

He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Fun!” Fin said. “Why aren’t we going?”

“Because …” Tanesha held up her thick stack of cards.

Fin snapped his fingers and sparks flew.

“You’re funny,” Tanesha said. “There you’re going to be, standing in front of one of your precious children, and they are dying. You’re going to be like — what was that thing I should know but I cheated?”

Tanesha gave him a hard look and he acquiesced.

“I am a role model for my people,” Fin said.

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