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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-one : You are no fun! (part four)


(part four)

Tuesday afternoon — 3:45 p.m.

“So, you’ll never believe what Zeus said!” Ares said.

Nelson looked up from Mari’s sword the “Princess Blade.” Nelson had been working on the blade when Ares showed up. Nelson was standing next to his wide work table under the big hood.

“He did not believe that we could travel so far in such a short time,” Ares said.

“He was in the Sea of Amber for a few centuries,” Nelson said, looking back down at the blade.

Ares tipped his head back and laughed. He looked around the shop.

“This is amazing,” Ares said. “In my day, smithies were brutal disgusting places.”

He took a breath.

“How do you keep is so clear of gasses and dust?” Ares asked.

“That’s a vent hood,” Nelson said pointing to the black hood over his work table. “It draws air from the room and through the hood. There’s a dedicated chimney over the forge but this one takes care of the rest. It has heavy environmental pads on it to cover the smell of the smithy inside and outside. I get the pads cleaned every month or so, depending on how much I use it. There’s an air monitor system in the corner that I check once a month to make sure the particulates aren’t too high.”

“Vent hood,” Ares said the words and shook his head.

The God of War looked up at the large black metal hood that took up most of the center of the garage’s ceiling.

“Put your hand under it,” Nelson asked.

Ares gave him a distrusting look but complied.

“I can feel the air flow!” Ares giggled with glee.

Nelson grinned. Ares gave him a saucy look.

“No. I’ve told you this before,” Nelson said. “I’m not going to have sex with my new partner’s wife’s grandfather. That would be just wrong.”

“But I am Ares the God of War,” he said.

“You’re a nut case,” Nelson said under his breath. He gestured to the sword. “Now if you don’t mind …”

“What is wrong with the blade?” Ares asked.

“The sword itself is true to form and holds a point,” Nelson said. “So technically there is nothing ‘wrong’ with the blade.”

“Then what?” Ares asked.

“This jewel keeps falling off,” Nelson said. “I’ve done everything I can think of to reattach it. It says for a while and then falls off.”

“Have you cleared the magic from it?” Ares asked. “It is a fairy blade. It’s possible that the magic is crimped at that location.”

“I’ve done what I can, so far,” Nelson said. “In the middle of the night, I realized that I hadn’t checked the leveling at this spot. That’s what I’m checking right now. What would you do to clear off the magic?”

As if to keep safe, the Great Ares pulled his hands into himself and lifted a corner of his lip.

“It is a fairy blade,” Ares said with a sniff. “Ask them.”

Nelson chuckled. He set the blade down and went to a metal cabinet. His head was in the cabinet when he heard someone open the door to the garage. He scowled at Ares who regularly forgot to close or lock doors. Nelson grabbed a soft cloth from the stack of them and his smallest level.

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