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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-nine : Afternoon tea (part three)


(part three)

“While it’s horrifying to meet you both,” Jeraine said, “I am here on a mission for Miss. T. I won’t let you distract me. I just won’t.”

“What does she need?” Abi asked.

“Food, water, blankets,” Jeraine said. “Comfort for her and her girls. They are with Sandy in her room. Everyone except Heather. She’s in Olympia. The other girlfriends are … this thing is … well, it’s very hard on her and the other girlfriends.”

Abi gave a succinct nod of her head.

“It is done,” Abi said.

Jeraine swallowed hard. He looked from Hades to Lucifer and back again.

“Surely, you all aren’t here for me.” Jeraine’s voice came out in a squeak.

“They are not,” Abi said. “But since you are here, you might help me.”

“Uh,” Jeraine said. His eyes went from Hades to Lucifer. “Remind me why I’d like to do that?”

Hades laughed. Lucifer smirked as if he’d predicted Jeraine’s reluctance.

“I have broken an ancient agreement,” Abi said. “When this happens I must make tea for Hades and Lucifer.”

“Wha … uh … what did you do?” Jeraine asked.

“She stole a soul from me,” Hades said.

“I thought every soul was hers,” Jeraine said. “No insult meant.”

“That is correct,” Hades said. “She wanted to live with the little fairy prince, so she asked me to take care of the dead. It was my great honor to be of assistance. Since then there has been an order to things. Stealing a soul might be her right, but she has disrupted the order of things as well as our agreement.”

Jeraine looked from Abi to the God of the Underworld to Lucifer. The archangel as middle aged casual looking man nodded in agreement.

“But Sandy cannot be going to hell,” Jeraine said. “She’s the sweetest, nicest human being in the world. Why would she need to suffer eternal damnation?”

“She would not,” Lucifer said. “But that is not what I do.”

Jeraine looked at Lucifer and blinked. He wondered if he should actually ask the archangel what he meant or if he should just nod and head back to the hospital.

“Would you be willing to help?” Abi asked.

“Uh,” Jeraine said, keeping his eye on the devil. “You?”

“Yes me,” Abi said. “They have asked me for …mmm …”

“Favors,” Hades said.

Hades looked at Jeraine, and Jeraine was surprised at how kind this God seemed.

“I am too full up to do anything else,” Abi said.

“What can I do?” Jeraine asked.

“Could you make some tea?” Abi asked.

“I would love a biscuit,” Hades said. “Ares has been bragging about some kind of biscuit that has chocolate in small form that he called a ‘chip’ inside a salted butter biscuit. I …”

The God of the Underworld stopped talking when he noticed Abi, Lucifer, and Jeraine were looking at him.

“Why are you more afraid of him than me?” Hades asked Jeraine. “I am death.”

“Yeah, but he’s damnation,” Jeraine said.

“Him?” Hades asked.

Hades laughed.

“He’s not?” Jeraine asked.

“That is a common modern interpretation,” Abi said.

“Oh?” Hades asked. “I wasn’t aware of that.”

“What is he if he’s not damnation?” Jeraine asked. “Decades of torment for sins on earth? Retribution on a soul level?”

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