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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-nine : Afternoon tea (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday mid-morning — 11:20 a.m.

“Don’t get distracted, Jeraine,” he said to himself as he walked into the Castle. “You just need to grab a tin of cookies, fill some water bottles, get some snacks…”

He repeated his words like mantra.

“Don’t get distracted, Jeraine …” He took a breath to continue.

He stepped into the kitchen.

“What the …?” Jeraine asked.

Abi was sitting at the kitchen table with her back to the kitchen. There was a large man — both thick and tall — with dark hair and medium dark skin. He wore heavy clothing that covered most of his body. His hair was dark and long. He nodded to Jeraine and looked back at Abi. The other man was white skinned and beautiful. His hair was yellow, the color of fresh corn. He had eyes that were the bluest blue, beautiful lips, and a gorgeous smile. He was wearing an expensive business suit and seemed to be about six feet one or maybe six feet two. He smelled like …

“Jasmine on a warm day,” Jeraine whispered. He shook himself. “Don’t get distracted, Jeraine.”

The blonde man gave Jeraine such a seductive look at Jeraine’s entire body responded. Until this moment, Jeraine had never been interested in men.

“Knock it off,” Abi said.

The man shot Jeraine a smirk and looked back at Abi.

“Who …?” Jeraine started. “What?”

His lip curled with disgust.

“Fairies,” Jeraine said with a sniff. “I don’t have time for your nonsense.”

“Mr. Smith doesn’t like the fairies,” the dark skin man said. His voice was low and deep, firm and equally entrancing. “That’s unusual for humans.”

“How do you know my name?” Jeraine asked. His hand pressed against his chest.

The dark skinned man’s dark eyes scanned Jeraine in an assessing look. He did not reply.

“The fairy envoys were here for a long time while the fairy queens were in conference,” Abi said. “They wore out their welcome.”

The one side of the beautiful man’s lips curled in a smile.

“I told you to knock it off,” Abi said to the other man.

He looked back at Abi and gave her a fond grin.

“This is Hades,” Abi said, gesturing to the dark skinned man with the deep voice. “He is the Greek God of the Underworld.”

“Oh?” Jeraine asked. He took a step backward.

“This is Lucifer,” Abi said.

“I knew it!” Jeraine said. He looked up at the ceiling and shook his head. “I fucking knew it!”

“What did you know, Jeraine?” Lucifer said in his seductive voice.

“The Devil was a good looking white man,” Jeraine said with a grin. “I knew it.”

“Now, Jeraine, we’ve had this conversation,” Abi said. “Are there white men?”

“No, but …” Jeraine said.

“There are just men,” Abi said. “One human race. Human men.”

“Yes, but …” As if he were a child, Jeraine pointed at Lucifer. “He’s a white man.”

Jeraine nodded.

“I knew it.”

Abi sighed and looked at Lucifer.

“Show him,” Abi said.

“Oh come on,” Lucifer complained. “You have to admit that this is kind of fun.”

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