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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-nine : Afternoon tea (part four)


(part four)

“If I tell you, will you get me one of these biscuits that Ares has talked about?” Hades asked.

“I want to try them as well,” Lucifer said. “My brother Uriel says you have something called ‘pears’? From trees?”

“They are out of season here in Denver,” Jeraine said. “Our trees are dormant right now.”

“What a shame,” Lucifer said.

“We usually have some in the refrigerator,” Jeraine pointed to the refrigerator. “They are grown in warmer climates and shipped here.”

“What a luxury!” Hades said.

“Refrigeration,” Jeraine said lifting a shoulder in a shrug.

“What is a ‘refrigerator’?” Lucifer asked but it was clear that Hades wanted to know.

Jeraine pointed to it. He opened the door.

“It’s cold inside,” Jeraine said. “Ideally 45 degrees. Helps food last longer.”

“Ares is correct,” Hades said. “This really is a world of wonder.”

Lucifer nodded. Jeraine went to the electric pot, filled it with water, and turned it on.

“Please make the tea I like,” Abi said.

“Not the one Miss T drinks,” Jeraine said with his eye on Hades and Lucifer.

“No,” Abi said.

“What is this luxury?” Hades asked at the same time Lucifer said, “Why can’t we have it?”

“It weakens her powers,” Abi said. “Magical and angelic. When she’s not on the tea, she and her mother can catch things on fire with a look or a touch.”

“Good skill to have,” Hades said.

“But not tea you’d like?” Jeraine asked.

“No,” Abi said.

“Very well,” Jeraine said. “I’ll make a pot of English Breakfast because it’s very common for people to drink it.”

“What is this tea the mother likes?” Hades asked.

“She likes Chai tea or a Hot Cinnamon Spice tea,” Jeraine said. “We have it in tea bags, so I’ll give you water and you can make what you like.”

“Most of those words are new to me, young Mr. Smith,” Hades said.

“Me, as well,” Lucifer said. “Please go ahead.”

“Might I watch?” Hades asked.

“Knock yourself out,” Jeraine said. “But I don’t know what would injure you so just keep back.”

“Good thinking,” Lucifer said.

While Abi was rooted in her chair, the men stood together at the end of the kitchen. Jeraine warmed the ceramic tea pot and took out a fine mesh tea strainer. He put a couple of teaspoons of their English Breakfast tea. When the electric kettle clicked off, he picked it up.

“What is that?” Hades asked.

“This boils water very quickly,” Jeraine said.

He opened the top to take off the lid. Hades moved to put his finger in.

“Don’t burn yourself,” Jeraine said.

“Thank you for your concern,” Hades said. He put his finger in. “It is very hot.”

With the God of the Underworld on his shoulder and the creepy Archangel at his side, Jeraine poured out the warm water from the tea pot, placed the tea strainer into the pot, and poured the hot water into the pot. He set it at the end of the counter so that Hades and Lucifer could look inside.

He filled the electric kettle again and turned it on. He set out mugs and got the cream from the refrigerator.

“You have to wait three minutes,” Jeraine said.

The God of the Underworld blinked at Jeraine, and Lucifer shook his head. Jeraine pointed to the digital clock on the stove.

“Hours,” Jeraine said pointed to the hours and then to the minutes. “Minutes.”

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